By Yoda - 08/07/2011 05:23 - United States

Today, my drunk father chased me down the street with my little brother's light saber screaming, "Come back Yoda! Teach me how to use the force!" FML
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Did you teach him the force?

Hmm, maybe he was not strong enough and was refused of such powers, then enraged. Decided to demand for such powers by force. He never gained them for such disobedience.

Is your father Luke Skywalker?

I think op is short....

The force is strong with this one.

you should've taught him the force op!

Luke I am your father.

gotta love drunk and disorderly parents

My father does this weekly... of course he has a purple dildo in hand when he does it.

OP just be glad you have a cool nickname

lol 17s pic made it even better

Shouldn't OP's brother be the one posting on FML?

Oops! My bad. I misread the FML. Don't hate me please

dude XD he shoulda been like umm dad lessons are 200 dollers per hour

One of the best FML's I have read in a long time, thanks for the laugh OP!

I doubt you can confused him with yoda he was either joking around or really high

Lol learn to read. He was drunk.

sounds wrong....:S

why are obvious wins, being posted on fml?

He just likes showing everyone his son's light saber (:

I'm not sure you're entirely aware of what you just

I guess sarcasm doesn't translate well through the internet.

he meant that in a dirty way, he understood your comment.

Thank you for clearing it up. My comment was meant to be dirty.

your welcome. XD haha sux for op

oh you dirty girl

luke I am your father.

hahaha 94 made my day :')

Drink you must, then learn the force you can.

140 - Straight damn.

3- I thought the meth addict was OP's father?

I just loved the feeling of being able to make the 100th like.

I just love the feeling of being the first thumbs down on a stupid comment.

The force is strong with this one

Lmfao this made my night.. Not so fyl haha. Dont lie youll laugh at this when youre older

this is definitely one of the funniest I've seen too

agreed, in all honesty how could one not laugh at this, that's awesome... I'm sure I'm not the only one that was actually picturing this actually happening... right??? ?

oh I definitely was XD and I laughed pretty hard at the image I thought of

I wish my parents would do that.

The funniest thing my dad did when he was drunk was pee in the hallway. It actually wasn't that funny, it got on my boots.

what is your real name?

bahahah. but my mom isn't funny when she's drunk and my dad does not drink.

That's sick! Now you will always have someone to sword fight with. may the force be with you.

should have replied " teach you, I will not "

totally your fault; you should be teaching him your Jedi ways.

Your dad = AWESOME XD

I want to learn, too!

lol I should record you next time ;) aha

what's ur full name?(btw ur really hot)