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Today, I returned from vacation overseas to find I'd lost my job. The manager approved my leave, but forgot to put it in the system, so I was written up repeatedly for not showing up. If I want my job back, I have to wait 90 days and apply to start over. FML
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Never talk to HR. They work for the bosses and are just there to avoid employee lawsuits.

And what do they get for firing based on going on an accepted vacation? Yep, a lawsuit!

If you have any proof, an email, text message anything keep that as proof for your wrongful termination case.

Go to your manager’s boss, expose him as the incompetent boob he is. He’ll get fired and you can have his job!

Um, no. His obvious mistake isn’t reason for you to be fired. Get a lawyer, look at your previous work ethic, get all info possible on this mishap on their part & present it before taking to court. It will show you did absolutely nothing wrong while the company & management were complacent & didn’t even consider their error. They should want this handled quickly & quietly in your favor. Good luck!

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that really might suck....i lost my job too & then i lost my kids..maybe don't panick it might make it worse....just some advice this could be a test. ..to test your temper or anger management skills.....mistaken for bad nerves sometimes? but you can get unemployment? is your job dangerous at any point?

That is not right, to fire an innocent employee for someone else's mistake! How did you even get reported as absent when your superior knew where you were? It makes me wonder if they were intentionally messing with you, or do they really pay that little attention to what goes on? Either way they are unprofessional & should be held accountable. Keep fighting (with diplomacy!), moving up the food chain until you get someone to listen.

Wouldn’t your boss have been notified if you were constantly being written up? Why didn’t he fix it then?

If the MC lives in a Right To Work state they can fire him for whatever reason they deem fit, including him going on vacation, as long as it's not a protected reason (medical, race, gender) However MC should qualify for unemployment as going on vacation is not a valid reason to fire someone and deny unemployment for them.

That’s not what “Right to Work” is, at all. Right to Work governs whether you can be forced to pay union dues as a condition of working a particular job, not what you can be fired for. You might be referring to “At Will Employment”. However, “At Will” employment doesn’t apply here. Employers may NOT punish an employee for using approved vacation time, as this falls under civil fraud (promising, then refusing to pay for, a benefit of employment). They’re liable for damages for the firing. In addition, since the vacation time (presumably paid) was approved, they’re liable for back wages they presumably didn’t pay. Those are subject to massive fines under FLSA. So, even in an At Will state, they have no real choice but to fix this, immediately, if OP complains.

If you have documentation of your leave being approved, I'm pretty sure you can't be fired.