By Sadfaic - United States
Today, my long lost father came to visit me. He got drunk, then tried to beat me up. My neighbor called the police, and as soon as they got there, my father yelled, "Help! This man tried to stab me!" The sad part is, they believed him. FML
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  ClassyCommando  |  13

I'm assuming the neighbour told the police what was happening when they made the call. Why the fuck would the police believe his father? Just tell the cops to check his blood alcohol level and you'll be fine, OP.

  Epsilonyx  |  15

14, don’t just fuck the police. Take the police on a romantic dinner date. Then, slowly win the absolute affection of the police. Make the police fall in love with you. Make the police unable to imagine life without you. Eventually, once your relationship has reached the apex of perfection, tenderly make love to the police. Make the police want you. Make the police need you.

Then move away and never call back.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

^ Agreed. Simply being related by blood isn't a good excuse to deal with a life time of abusive shit, for example. Family's a privilege, not a right, and it should be treated as such, IMHO....