By Anonymous - 09/03/2011 01:15 - United States

Today, my dad bought a one hundred dollar collectible light-saber. He plays with it. In the front yard. With sound effects. FML
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I wish my dad did that. He's pretty awesome imo.

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I wish my dad did that. He's pretty awesome imo.

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The force is strong in this one, train you must young padawan.

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1) agree. 2) love ur pic!^ lol

Hmm really? I sense something else. Is it really a laser saber OP? Or something else, with added sound effects ;)

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Who cares. Just 'cause he is having fun you need to whine like a little Bitch? F his life for having a little bitch for a kid!

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dude your dads ******* dope!! haha

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I dot know why but #14 made me laugh:)

That's how you are supposed to play with it.

If he took it out of the packaging then it's no longer in mint condition. The collectible lost it's worth!

you should be happy you have such an epic dad!!

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Agreed! My dad would totally do that, and I'm grateful for his awesomeness [:

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Aw, let your dad have his fun!

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Thats awkward. I would get scared if I saw that... therapy?

your dad is fking awsome wanna trade?

Dads' aren't pokemon cards, you can't just trade them. You have to battle them first.

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