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Today, I overheard my boyfriend telling his friends about how great the sex was last night, and how he loves to "make a bitch bend over". We've been dating for 3 years, and haven't made love in several weeks. FML
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revenge. make sure he can hear you when your talking to someone about how "bad he is in bed" then turn around and break up with him

Maybe he just wants to show off to his friends and make them believe he still has a healthy sex life.


Guys always lie to their friends, wether it be about penis size, or the girls they've ******. He probably was making that story up to impress his "bros".

I agree don't let it upset you. maybe next time u should initiate sex. then he won't have to lie to his buds about it .

Or he did bend a bitch over last night, it just wasn't the OP

22, agreed! I think the point if this FML is that OP was telling the truth.

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I agree with 9. Guys have a knack for lying to their friends to make themselves look better. Pretty similar to old fisherman **** is...THIS big!! And similar to maybe making up some types of fish they caught could be which girls they had sex with. Seemed like a good analogy. If it gets the point across than yay..

Here's a story: These men were at a bar, and they were seeing who's penis is bigger. Man #1 said, "Mine is 5 inches long" Man #2 said, "Mine is 1 inch," everyone laughed at him and joked. Man #2 continued, "Off the ground."

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he sounds like a winner...

let em drinch dem tows in hot fresh stikky. its REEL hot

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man #3 you have 2 inch legs

56 you're being a stereotypical dick head. I have never made love to my girlfriend and I am not bored, cheating, or gay.

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well there are two ways of looking at this. either he is just trying to look good to his friends and is lying or he is telling the truth. if he is telling the truth at least he isn't calling you "his bitch"

Why is everyone assuming that he's cheating on OP? Many guys lie about this kind of thing to make their bros impressed.

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112, are you a virgin or you just haven't had sex with your girlfriend yet? Those rules #56 was talking about doesn't apply to virgins because if you have never had sex then you won't have the urge to do it all the time

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Man #2 lost his legs in the war :(

I live an hour away from my gf and yes when I'm with her we do it most of the day which due to travel cost is roughly once a week although we do stay over a couple nights a month too but even so I don't cheat on her.. It's called love people not everyone is sex crazed maniacs

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how do u know he's cheating?

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well atleast the girl was called a bitch


i think he was just trying to impress them? idk

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brake up with him and just well yah

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brake up with him and just well yah

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You're retarded. That is all.

And to everyone that is going to say that maybe the girl should have slept with him more to avoid this, that's not right. Even if she did that he most likely would have still cheated. Apparently some people just can't go without sex. I don't get it. I've been in a relationship for over 2 years and we've only been fully intimate twice. Its NOT that big of a deal. Now if they were married that's another story.

Twice? Well, euhm, if you're happy with that it's okay, I guess. But don't forget you're an exception, most people don't like abstinence for several weeks. That being said, it's definitely not an excuse for cheating, so FYL OP. But may I suggest that, before you dump him, you have a talk with him? You'll never know, many people lie about sex to look cool. (pssh, why is marriage something different?)

12 - your point is invalid and you're contradicting yourself. you said he needs sex, so therefore, if she has sex with him, he will be satisfied. but you said that even if she does have sex with him, he will still cheat. why will he cheat? because he needs sex. which he just got from her, so your Conner makes no sense.

She's never going to feel like having sex every single time he feels like having sex, so your point is invalid.

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It's ok he's got a bf on the side ;) also I'm lying right now just like every other male. but really?! twice?! he either really likes his hand or his balls resemble 2 big blue beanbags

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#12, I highly doubt he actually cheated. Just because he said that, it doesn't make him a cheater, and it also doesn't necessarily mean he's an asshole, either. Her boyfriend could be the sweetest guy in the world when alone with her, but friends tend to turn boyfriends into "assholes". He might be nervous around them, or for some reason feel like he needs to prove himself to them- it's immature, it's stupid, sure. But it doesn't turn him into an asshole or a bad boyfriend. OP, you should just talk to him about it, and if it really was just a lie, explain to him he needs to grow up and that he can't talk about you like that. Or listen to people like #12 (90% of FML) who rush to say "divorcedump himher" for every little thing.

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49-agreed. 12-your sex life sounds like a FML

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agree with 52 FYSL sex is awesome and anybody that says different isnt doing it right. and i have had a few partners that sex drives meet or exceed mine so to say womens sex drives are not high is erroneous. women think about sex as much as men do.

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@49 not an asshole, just an idiot.

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are you frigid ? 2 years and only been fully intimate twice ? btw it's called ******* not " being intimate "

I don't think they meant that as a blanket statement about all women. It's just that on average women do seem to have a lower sex drive than men. I know that I, personally, can go for weeks without sex and not be remotely bothered by it. It's just not that big a deal to me. What I have to say about the FML itself is this: There is always the possibility that the OP did try to initiate sex during those weeks but was turned down by her boyfriend because he's already getting it from somewhere else. It could be that she's not really doing it for him anymore and he just doesn't feel like having sex with her. We have several options that are possible. 1.She doesn't put out and so he's cheating with someone. 2. He's cheating because while she's willing to put out he doesn't feel like having sex with her. 3. He's cheating just because he can, and it's just coincidence that they haven't slept together in weeks. 4.He could be lying to his friends because she's a prude and he doesn't want them to know that. 5.He could be lying because he hasn't been feeling like sex but he doesn't want to admit that to his friends. 6. He could just be lying for the sake of lying. We just don't know from the few characters they allow you in an FML.

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number 12. of course its been that long i mean look at ur pic

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100- I would thumbs up your comment, but it's too long for my iPod to vote on.

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I know what she ment ther r men in this world that need sex ALOT more than twice a day I know a hand full of my guy friends do, but I still think she should talk to him b 4 breakin it off...

he would probably still cheat because if he needs sex, having sex more would make him want it more, it's like cigarettes, the more of it u have, the more u want it, so If she does have sex with him, he wants it more, so then to satisfy that craving, he will cheat.

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i dnt get how u hve negitive thumbs

Well idk about tht. I Always want to hve sex when my boyfriend does. It depends on the girl. And maybe he wasn't cheating. Only lying? Think about thattt.

revenge. make sure he can hear you when your talking to someone about how "bad he is in bed" then turn around and break up with him

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what a mature idea. no need to confirm suspicions, just act like a retard and break up with him. im sure thatll go down well. apply to all relationships, guaranteed success in life!

that's how my relationships work(: try it... guaranteed results.

His phone conversation sounds like a rap song.

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May be he's giving you a Hint that You suck at Giving Blow jobs???( Think Positive) ;)

maybe You should Learn to Use CapitaLization Appropriately???

Who cares if she sucks at it. It's not like that's something women have to know how to do. Some men are just dumb when it comes to sex.

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how does this FML imply she's bad at giving blow jobs

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with the girls that say that this FML has nothin to do with givin a ********... n that some guys r idiots...

How does him bragging about how great the sex was and stating that he loves to bend a bitch over in any way insinuate that OP gives bad ********?

Maybe you should learn that maybe is one word

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what a wonderful boyfriend you got there!

Maybe he just wants to show off to his friends and make them believe he still has a healthy sex life.

Exactly what I was thinking. Some guys exaggerate their tales of sexual conquest. He may have been making it up entirely, or attempting to one-up his friends but didn't have anything to say so felt he had to lie.

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I agree. he probably felt left out of their conversation. Is there a reason that you haven't had sex for so long? Maybe you should do something that would give him something to talk about... or even better, do something so great that he'll have to tone it down in the retelling.

Maybe he's making it up cos you haven't had sex for weeks and he doesn't want them to know. Don't immediately think the worst until there's proof.

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I second this statement. sometimes guys need to feel "manly" by bragging of their sexual exploits to their friends.