By Sad Student - 03/02/2014 03:26 - Canada - Toronto

Today, as usual, I stress ate. After having my exams prolonged for an extra week, I ate three extremely large packs of Skittles, and then threw them all up. Taste the rainbow, puke the rainbow. FML
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For some reason I have a picture in my head where you are literally barfing a rainbow out. Hope you did well on your exams though!


Don't know why people are down voting this is a perfect reference to Horton

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Yeah. I was about to post the same thing...

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OP clearly said "puke". So, to answer your question: No.

If OP hadn't obviously puked them up, then OP would have pooped the rainbow.

Actually the colours would just be digested and it'd be poop coloured :(

OP probably puked because of green apple

That... Blows. Also I'm impressed at your ability to eat three packages - one is my limit.

I wouldn't exactly call their binge a success though... :/

I'm all sympathetic to stress eating--I've done it myself--but you gotta be careful to stop before you make yourself sick.

Good thing you told OP that, otherwise they might not have figured it out.

wow! its amazing you can eat more than a pack! i cant even go through one full pack!

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What's the difference between this comment and #4?

And the fact that this comment has thumbs up and mines buried

I was thinking the same thing. FML is up to something...

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And the fact #39 that your comment came before confuses me more

She said it blows. And being sick can be called "blowing chunks" or something similar? Maybe people didn't like the unintentional pun.

believe me i have no clue why i didnt get buried....i was just checking..cause i had problems earlier with posting! sorry #4!

xD more like feel the rainbow coming back up

That is precisely what OP had stated. Now you know why your comment was thumbed down and hopefully you will make a better choice in future instances.

For some reason I have a picture in my head where you are literally barfing a rainbow out. Hope you did well on your exams though!

I pictured that meme with the guy looking at the computer, with a rainbow coming out of his mouth.

8 - This one calls for an illustration! No? Then ok....

And that kids is one way to get diabetes

good thing thats not how you get diabetes. regardless, i dont know how you managed 3 boxes, i get nauseous after half of a little bag. ha hope your exams went well, though.

Except diabetes is mainly caused by too many sweets at a time, and one small pack of Skittles is enough for a person, imagine how bad three huge packs are.

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if they continued eating in this way then they would probably eventually get diabetes... however if you spend a week eating sugary food then your body reacts by becoming more sensitive to insulin... However if you spend a week eating just fatty foods then your body actually becomes less sensitive to insulin. Therefore one should avoid fatty foods to avoid diabetes ;)

actually you can eat a bowl of sugar a day, every day and you wont get it. has to do with how well your pancreas processes sugar.

@#9 - Maybe Type 2 yes. Type 1 is actually an autoimmune disease.

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That's awful op :( try eating something different.