By Anonymous - 27/03/2013 18:26 - Canada - Red Deer

Today, I gave my girlfriend an orgasm for the first time. She's a screamer. Her dog must have thought I was attacking her, because he immediately came over and started savaging me. FML
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You brought this upon yourself when your girlfriend's texts were being read over her shoulder.


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I just don't understand why people let dogs into the same room as them while sexing it up

Maybe they didn't let the dog in the room. It's possible the door may have been open

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That's the same thing... Should be smart enough to close the door.

I'm not saying I'm a genius, but I think I could put a dog outside of a room and shut the door before I have sex. why can't everyone do this???

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@1. I don't know about you, but I think *********** is disgusting

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Hopefully the ****** was the first of many. Next time do as the fellow dog owners say and put the dog out before getting busy. Guess you don't really need to be told that now though.

I had the dog out of the room and the door shut once... The dog managed to open the door, come charging in, and bit my boyfriend at the time right on his bare ass...

#51, some dogs are very clever and open doors. My boxer used to. Now my lab just lays down while we do it and then afterwards comes to sleep on the bed. Not everyone can shut their dogs out either, they can bark or be destructive which can ruin the mood even more.

You brought this upon yourself when your girlfriend's texts were being read over her shoulder.

No it started on the first date when he mentioned he was into golden labs.. That was just icing on the cake! Woof

At least you gave her one unlike most guys lol

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did the dog savage you the same way you savaged your girlfriend?

His dog got jealous because the OP was doing it doggie style.

Climaxing doggy style is always very intense.

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I guess you could say you gave the dog a bone.

So is Metallica, and yet they're still around.

Someone's still masturbating over Bieber.

Misread your comment 50, I thought you were dissing. Apologies.

Aww come on, how can you think I'm a beiber fan from a little joke? That's not okay, brotherman. But to be fair, I was dissing. Not like full-on dissing, but more of a light teasing, you know?

Haha it's funny how everyone assumes that I'm a guy just cause I like Metallica. :) I tend to get in waaaaay too many battles over music tastes so excuse my epic fail. If you haven't already noticed, I also tend to read comments way too quickly and jump to conclusions. :D

[instert disgusting and not funny comment about doggy style / beastality here]

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Fyi, saying "insert 'blah blah blah' here" does NOT in fact insert said blah blah blah. It only makes you look dumb.

Plus, it wastes a space that could have been used for an original, funny comment.

Stop being gay guys. Ok here goes. Did the dog make you ****** whilst it did you doggy style?

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It's a dog eat dog world, so to speak.