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  kyu_Q  |  19

Hopefully the orgasm was the first of many. Next time do as the fellow dog owners say and put the dog out before getting busy. Guess you don't really need to be told that now though.

  Doodleoodlebug  |  18

#51, some dogs are very clever and open doors. My boxer used to. Now my lab just lays down while we do it and then afterwards comes to sleep on the bed. Not everyone can shut their dogs out either, they can bark or be destructive which can ruin the mood even more.

  TheAbstract  |  15

Aww come on, how can you think I'm a beiber fan from a little joke? That's not okay, brotherman. But to be fair, I was dissing. Not like full-on dissing, but more of a light teasing, you know?

  MetallicaFTW  |  16

Haha it's funny how everyone assumes that I'm a guy just cause I like Metallica. :) I tend to get in waaaaay too many battles over music tastes so excuse my epic fail. If you haven't already noticed, I also tend to read comments way too quickly and jump to conclusions. :D