By AdamwithanA - Canada - Surrey
Today, I was walking home when I saw an elderly woman struggling with a large bag of garbage. I asked if I could help. I got it all the way to the dumpster and the bag ripped. Inside were about fourteen dead cats. FML
AdamwithanA tells us more :
I couldn't tell how many for sure but it was pretty heavy and the smell was unbelievable.
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By  merkel  |  3

Gotta get rid of em somehow, right? Wrong place wrong time

  leannez  |  21

In BC, we have the BC SPCA and Animal Control. Animal Control are the ones who should be notified if there is any abuse that is going on. They remove the abused animals, keep them for a very short period then turn them over to the SPCA.

  magnetic_aura  |  26

Yeah, there can't be a good reason for fourteen cats dying at the same time. Hopefully she doesn't have more animals locked up somewhere... Or works for a lab or something. Ick. Too many possibilities, none of them good.

  Antares_01  |  9

What part of BC are you from AdamwithanA? The area could explain the cat ladies xD like in Richmond, there be too many Asians to even have cat hoarding. (I can say that cause I'm Asian myself, not racist) *disclaimer*