By good_gravy - 20/02/2012 19:39 - United States

Today, my dog threw up on my bed while I was sleeping. I lost an hour of the day washing the vomit out with a rag, and my garbage disposal jammed on whatever otherworldly things my dog ate the day before. I had to dig it out by hand. FML
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man, being a dog would be quite the life. while you're cleaning up the mess they made, he/she is probably relaxing on the couch licking their privates

theWINDOWmonster 3

Why would you put it in the disposal? As opposed to something that makes more sense, like ohh.. the trash?


man, being a dog would be quite the life. while you're cleaning up the mess they made, he/she is probably relaxing on the couch licking their privates

*Licking my privates... Me Gusta :}

Sadly, dogs don't live as long as humans, and if they did, they'd be the greatest conmen of all time.

1 - While I agree that dogs have good lives, some cats do also! Especially mine, and yes, I know this is off topic, but you should see how well we treat my cats. We as well have to clean up their throw up, which usually happens way more often than it does with dogs. So being a dog + a cat would be very nice once in a while

Dogs can give themselves oral?!? I'm enlightened now!!!

Giggity giggity alright~~~

Crazy cat lady?

Crazy cat lady...? Idk why people like cats, they're for old ladies, crazy people, and people who are allergic to dogs.

bobbybill0519 7

Sounds like a slimy situation. *inserts troll face here*

Torva_fml 16

No.... To your comment... And FUCK NO to using your hand....

Dog was probably around the corner laughing at you in his head

Using the washing machine wasn't an option?

Nope, and neither was disposing of the vomit in the toilet.

or the trash. Why go for the garbage disposal?

Some things just don't go in the garbage disposal. Pet vomit number one on that list...just think about all the bacteria that will go flying around the kitchen.

xxCandyKissxx 1

I think that would have been a great time to call a plumber :D

Dogs always act innocent but they really plan it all in their heads and sit and laugh at us cleaning up their mess.

ydi for having an inside dog. They have fur for a reason.

b0ngs 7

....what the fuck?

Dogs have fur because, prior to human enslavement, they lived outdoors and needed it to keep warm. DUHR! And since they don't have the same sanitation habits as humans, OP deserves to clean up dog waste for keeping it indoors.

Ahh, thank you Captain Hindsight for telling us what OP should have done with his dog. Keeping it INSIDE is so barberic, outside is much, much, MUCH better. Once again, thank you. Any more Hindsighted advice, Captain?

Wow. What's stuck up your anus?

KaySL's detachable penis mixed with the power of sarcasm. Don't ask about how it got there.

You may want to invest in this book: You can thank me later.

Ohhhh no an hour. You must be exhausted!

That is exactly what I thought when I read the fml...smh...

ihaveatightbutt 0

Wow is the dog ok?