By good_gravy - / Monday 20 February 2012 19:39 / United States
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1 - While I agree that dogs have good lives, some cats do also! Especially mine, and yes, I know this is off topic, but you should see how well we treat my cats. We as well have to clean up their throw up, which usually happens way more often than it does with dogs. So being a dog + a cat would be very nice once in a while

  kut19  |  6

Dogs have fur because, prior to human enslavement, they lived outdoors and needed it to keep warm. DUHR! And since they don't have the same sanitation habits as humans, OP deserves to clean up dog waste for keeping it indoors.

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Ahh, thank you Captain Hindsight for telling us what OP should have done with his dog. Keeping it INSIDE is so barberic, outside is much, much, MUCH better.

Once again, thank you. Any more Hindsighted advice, Captain?

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