By thisguy - / Tuesday 8 October 2013 09:55 / United States - Fountain Valley
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  Korra_fml  |  23

all babies eyes take a different amount of time to adjust to their color. some babies' eyes stay blue forever, like mine did. my older brother's eyes stayed blue up until the day after his 2nd birthday, when they turned green. one of the posters below said his/her baby's eyes changed from blue to brown at about 3 months. my own son's eyes changed from blue to brown in about 2 or 3 weeks.

  Korra_fml  |  23

your eyes can change (very slightly) depending on what you wear. even if u have blue eyes, they can appear slightly green if you wear green. and, yes some babies are born with dark eyes and dark hair, depending on ethnicity.

  kyu_Q  |  19

sadly for OP some babies look like their Grand parents instead of their parents. Good luck convincing him when that happens.
I don't know while natural selection has not kicked in and made people like OP'S boyfriend sterile

  monnanon  |  13

not everyonen is born with blue eyes. my sister was born with brown and they have stayed that way. i have green eyes now but had blue then hazel for a long time. babies who are born with blue eys dont have blue in the sense that children and adults do. its a funny cobolt colour and to me looked similar to petrol with a kind of shiny multicoloured film. after a few days the true eye colour came through but my sons eyes have gradually lightened.

  grunt_fml  |  17

A former girlfriend of mine suffered from a form of schizophrenia (which was diagnosed when we were not together anymore) and often had terrible mood swings and even showed a completely changed behaviour and personality from one minute to the next. Which was really scary sometimes. But what was really freaking me out was the fact that more than once along with personality the color of her eyes changed, sometimes in minutes. Which really freaked me out.

  HannahLouise96  |  13

It really depends on the light too. Sometimes, especially if I'm in the sun, my eyes will look bright blue and then in lighting that is not so bright they'll look dark blue, almost grey. It's impossible to determine what colour a baby's eyes will be when they're five days old. Mine were the typical newborn colour as a baby, navy blue.

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