By youshitme - 01/03/2011 12:12 - Australia

Today, I realised how poor I am when I found myself fishing out a two dollar coin someone had left behind in a public toilet bowl. FML
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youshitme tells us more.

Hello all ... I've just seen the comments on this ... There were quite a few comments assuming that since I fished out a 2 buck coin from a dunny, that I'd be an unemployed dole bludger. I've never been on any sort of welfare. The previous comment of Sydney being a very expensive city to live in was correct. I don't earn that much, generally between $700-$1100 a week, depending on how busy work is, but I've never been a 'dole bludger', I work very hard, thank you very much.

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Just keep hanging around where the people shit money and you'll be OK.


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you must not give 2 *****, get it?

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Dude that isn't a FML, I would be so freaking happy if I found a $2 COIN. A mother f***ing coin!

Dude, he lives in Australia, they use 2 dollar coins more than americans do.

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Now, that is poor. Have fun spending that!

So out of all the places there is to find change left behind from someone else you decided to take the change out of the toilet??

No, he changed his mind and dropped it back in the toilet.

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your telling me mate! at least this ones fishing in dunnies... probably calls himself a out of work plumber lol

I wish I understood this conversation....

lol! I think #8 is sayin he/she hates leeches or the people who get support off the welfare system and she replies at least OP is digging through the toilets... at least I'm pretty sure that's what's being said.

lmao @ unemployed plumber! a dole bludger is someone who lives on government handouts! now you can understand :)

well done 33 :) you speak Australian! lol

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I figured you Aussies are sick and tired of people who can help themselves but choose not to, leeching off your taxpayers money instead. Honestly, how poor could OP be if he owes a 300 dollar computer. That 300 could have gone towards food, or maybe instead of writing an FML he could write a resume.

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OP didn't say he didn't have a job. He said he was poor.

who says anything about a 300 computer? and bloody hell you ppl take things literally.. we're Aussie.. we are sarcastic and take the piss! -still going unemployed bludger!

and #40 your right about us being sick of it... most aren't 'aussie' on our government handouts tho lol

#40 I'm reading this right now WITHOUT using a computer. I'm using an iPhone.

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and how much did that cost #80? about $200+? point proven and lol at 25 xD

Could have been a public computer they posted this on!

dole bludgers sit at home watching foxtel, smoking Winnie blues and wasting our money. Could have been a uni student there to do their washing

haha Winnie blues I'm using an iPhone and it costs me nothing on my plan

Not all Australians have trouble spelling or use 'mate' in every sentence. Incidentally, it's the smokers that cost taxpayers billions of dollars in healthcare each year. OP, if you were fishing out the $2 dollar coin to buy cigarettes, put it back. The economy will be better off. If it was for necessaries, then I agree, your life does suck.

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aussie_gemini - i cant read your posts without hearing them in my head in an australian accent lol

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lol was thinking the exact same thing myself!!!

How is Australia? I've never been out of my country but I wish I lived in Australia! Once I get a chance I'm getting out of America!

40- Who told you OP owns a $300 computer, idiot?

plenty of money for your drug habit though!

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Just keep hanging around where the people shit money and you'll be OK.