By Stoopiddogbot - United Kingdom - Swansea
Today, I came home to find the dog had learned how to open our stair-gate and kitchen door, devoured the entire fruitcake I'd made for a special occasion, and then vomited said fruitcake all over the fabric sofa. FML
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  kyleekay  |  25

To add onto what #20 said, Fruitcake is never good, no matter the recipe. I truly don't understand why people bother making it anymore, unless they want a festive door-stop.


24..... Dogs eat their own shit, or another dog's shit all of the time. That used to be one of the leading complaints I would get at work, along with being asked how to make it stop.


Depends on who makes it, it can be dry hard and tasteless but if some one who knows how to bake can make a moist and yummy one. If i could i would send you mine since mine is moist a bit dense like a fruitcake should, but not chock full of the crappy dried fruit.

  ViviMage  |  38

We all know bunnies rule the world every Easter!

  wlddog  |  14

We dogs shall not give up our spot on the bed to you cats. Far too long have we chased you away, just to give up now. Cats are pure evil.


Yea, my brother has one of those little overgrown rats too... His name is SWAG (please, don't even get me started on that ridiculous shit) He is hilariously stubby and sometimes I wonder how they walk around without just breaking in half at the spine. I'm just waiting for one of my serpents to grow large enough. My snakes love swag. In their bellies.


I'm kidding. I like dogs. I worked in the pet industry long enough that dog breeds, and dog food (their ingredients) are practically embedded in my brain. The only ones I really hate are those little yippy ankle biting teacup mixed breed abomination things. Or anything with such a smushed face and so many congenital problems it should have never been bred. Although it is the people that are to blame for that. Not the animals. Contrary to popular belief snakes do not "dislocate" their jaw. Their lower jaw has a series of bones that are not rigidly attached and the overall form is highly flexible. No dislocation involved. Just a little stretch, and then a yawn at the end.