By MarissaKayleen - 12/08/2013 10:06 - Canada - Saskatoon

Today, my house was broken into. After we called the police, my dad started calling himself Sherlock Holmes and talking in a British accent. He insists on calling me Watson. He is going around the neighborhood acting like Sherlock, investigating stuff. He won't stop. FML
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Haha! I love the comments! I just want to let everyone know, I am not making fun of him or bashing him. I love how he is taking this situation. He seriously is the best :)

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He is out to embarass you, quite elementary Watson.

Will smith But OP has really cool dad as well


He is out to embarass you, quite elementary Watson.

blakesinthelake 11

Dad can you help me with my homework? It is elementary, my dear Watson.

'Is the answer 4 daddy?' No shit Sherlock

Did you know that Sherlock.Holmes never said that? It was written in a review, and caught on.

Yes, but as you said, it stuck. So for the intended joke/allusion it worked. A two paragraph long original quotation from the novels, wouldn't have been as "witty".

ThatFancyPenn 18

My dad does the same thing but acts like he's Jason Bourne. Since there has never been a scenario where he's been hunted down by the cops, at restaurants and Starbucks he tells them his name is Jason Bourne.

I'm not complaining, just sharing a fun fact.

I need your dad in my life OP, and #1 as well

saucyrossi 18

At least Robert Downy Jr. was a badass as Sherlock Holmes

K410 18

See I'd rather pretend to be Robert Downy Jr. Than Sherlock Holmes :p

Those Guy Ritchie movies sucked hard. Cumberbatch is the only legit Sherlock atm.

Never understood the love for the BBC show. The Hounds of Baskerville and the Blind Banker are amongst the most ludicrous things I've ever watched.

SherlockWHolmes 12

In my opinion, Benedict plays a better Holmes than anyone else I've seen... of course, that may be due to the fact that Benedict and Martin and Andrew are all just really amazing... Ben and Martin are good at reacting to each other the way they would normally.. plus, Cumberbatch is a really fun word to say. -SH

Cumberbatch's performance is too manic (as is RDJ's) & try hard "dark" ("I'm a high functioning sociopath" rolleyes) for my taste. My favourite's always been Jeremy Brett.

I loved Jeremy Brett's Sherlock, he was brilliant. Although I do enjoy Cumberbatch's Sherlock as well, he does an interesting take on the character.

Those were the two weakest episodes. But if you consider those ludicrous, what word would you use to describe those Guy Ritchie movies. He is raping Sherlock harder than George Lucas raped Indiana Jones in the "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" movie (yes, South Park reference for the nerds here). The BBC just tried a modern day adaption, by putting Sherlock in the modern day era. Which is an interesting take. And it more or less works. In the novels Sherlock was heavy on opium. So he was a bit stranger, than in the old tv-movies.

I've got to disagree with you. Cumberbatch (through no fault of his own) plays Dr. House, PI. Miller's the best right now. That said, no one can touch Jeremy Brett.

You are aware though, that Doctor House character was hugely inspired by Sherlock Holmes? Even the diagnostics in that show was like investigating the "crime scene called human body".

Yes, I'm well aware of that. That doesn't mean the character's personalities are particularly similar.

I'm not defending Ritchie's movies.

Also stranger doesn't mean "high functioning sociopath" (rolleyes). I just don't think the BBC and Cumberbatch have a very good handle on Holmes's character. It's a standard darker and grimmer update, that's all the rage these days and comes across as silly and too try hard modern. It's the same with Jim Moriarty and Mycroft Holmes.

Yes #2 he was!

Does your dad say: "My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know."

Your dad is a BADASS. Idk what you're complaining about.

I actually think that's awesome! Who know, maybe you'll actuall solve the crime!

Well, Watson is pretty now. But the detective thing is a little far.

Hahaha that's kinda cool. I wish my dad would bond with me like that

To be honest OP, that's actually pretty funny. I mean, would you rather have a Dad without a sense of humour? Roll with it. What's life without whimsy?

fml1365 30

Hey, if he's helping that'd be ok (: I'd also be embarrassed

Wizardo 33

'Seeing things others can't see is my gift... and also my curse'

oj101 33

Plot twist: the burglar is actually your dad, and he is just trying to cover his tracks. Rule #1 of any crime drama is that the criminal is always the least expected person.

Or the wife. DiNizzo rule #1: its almost always the wife.