By WishesWasDeaf - United States
Today, I was stuck sitting at a cafeteria table next to the girl who broke my heart and her boyfriend. I got to overhear the conversation, which included "I want to go to the car" followed by "Me too, but I don't have a condom." FML
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By  nom_nom_nom  |  0

awww ):
Who says that she was his ex girlfriend, though? Maybe she turned him down.
Either way, that sucks, bro. I hope things get better for you. Then maybe she'll be jealous.

By  bugmenotmofo  |  34

Well if you both are in high school, im sure you can tell the principle? That does suck for you though. You kinda deserved it for dating a promiscuous girl. That is if she is. Sounds like it if she is having sex in car...

  taycandy96  |  2

who tells the principal about their personal life....that's like an all time low to tell a principal or a teacher...that's really lame unless u got raped or sumthin but that's a different story for a different time

  WOW_idc123  |  0

maybe they meant tell the principal that his ex gf nher new bf is about to have sex in the car. which they would get into trouble for...unless it's not on school grounds

  Gumblebum100  |  0

agreed completly. and once I accidently threw my backpack at my principal… it was kinda funny and he just looked at me weird and walked away but good thing he doesn't remember me and I didn't het in trouble I tried not to laugh when it happened but my friend was talking to me and we have narrow hallways and I threw my backpack across the hallway so I could get my coat and the last time I looked there was nobody in the hall but just as I threw it my principal went by…… yea not the best timing......

  perdix  |  29

Federer's a fucking magician, isn't he? He's chopping up Murray like he's some college player out of his league. Unless you are ranked in the top 2 in the world, you are just going to get schooled by Fedo.

He's the Tiger Woods of tennis. . . can't wait for his babes to start coming out of the woodwork ;)

  DogmaT_fml  |  4

God damn. yeah i would go so far to say that he is making a pro #5 player in the world look like a lost child running after balls he is never going to get.

If measuring Fed to Tiger Woods scandal in degrees, I think the skeletons in Fed's closet would be that he is secretly Osama Bin Laden. Although Fed has too much style to get caught.

  perdix  |  29

Just kidding about Fedo's babes.

Did you see that early in the second set, Murray hits a forehand swing volley and Federer answers with a forehand cross-court passing shot? Did you fucking see that?!?!?

That kind of talent you might see once in a generation, if you are lucky.

Going back to watch the third, now.

  DogmaT_fml  |  4

I got goosebumps during the second game of the 3rd set. brain keeps telling me that its not possible!
This has the potential to beat last year's ausie open and I watched nadal and fed to at it till 7 am..
Fed is playing the best i have seen him play... like ever. he is old.
however if Murray makes it to the next final, fed be warned.

  perdix  |  29

You shouldn't think a player's "oldness" is just his chronological age. You should consider a component of health, too. In that respect, Federer is a baby. With his fitness, playing style and some good luck, he has managed to be more or less injury-free his whole career.

On the other hand, I think Nadal is the old man. Years ago, people were saying that his style was so violent that he would not have a long career. The injuries of the past year or so are proving their prophecies right. I like Nadal, but I fear that we may have seen the best of him in the past.

I don't like Murray's mind. I think he is a choker. He had the classic Choker's Rush in the third set. Weak-minded players loosen up when a match is out of hand and can play a brief spurt of awesome tennis, but as soon as the match tightens up, so do they and they end up losing. That's exactly what happened when Murray got broken at 5-3.

  lovej4ever  |  0

its skanky when youre saying you want to have sex in a car at school. its especially skanky when youre talking about having sex while your ex is sitting right by you.

  HaileyBeth16  |  1

Especially after you break a guys heart..that probably would have been a better and sweet guy than the guy your about to screw in a SCHOOL parking lot where there are a lot of people that will walk by if it's during lunch