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  jtthegr8  |  26

I think op walked right into that.. I don' know about the rest of the world but in America if you say something about your animal dying, then someone else will say something about theirs ._.


Because dogs aren't backstabbing assholes that use you for whatever reason. They love you no matter what, and thus are preferable to human scum. A stray dog would treat you better than almost any human on earth, just treat him/her right. Unconditional love, for scraps, not favors or money or whatever a person would want. Ugh okay sorry I'm rambling but dogs and cats are the best!

  evilplatypus  |  38

You don't know how OP (or the dentist) would have reacted to the death of a human. I don't see it mentioned anywhere.
That being said, I'll cry if I see any animal hurt or dead but when it comes to people, the pain is so much I shut it out and become numb. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not alone.


I ask myself the same question. Everyone says dogs are more loving, when in real sense, that can be a questionable statement. Many humans have died from dog attacks, including stray dogs, so stray dogs arent any safer. Dogs are animals, unpredictable. They can never be completely tamed and i think its absurd that people on FML would actually love a beast over a fellow human being. This actually makes me loose faith in the world.

By  br0ccoli  |  14

Your dog Is probably chewing that big 'ol bacon-flavored bone in the sky.

I mean, with this bacon-loving FML community, I bet someone out there is drooling just at the thought of something being bacon flavored.

No tears, he's in a better place.

  pokefan813  |  16

Looks like I will be seeing my 10 dead beta fish from my childhood years again, my iguana, my parakeet, and my goldfish...

Wow I was irresponsible as a child...

  Tiwuz  |  19

You mean your 10 magikarps, your treecko, your farfetch'd, and your goldeen? I can understand how you lost so many magikarps, "Magikarp use Splash!" x10

By  trqskq  |  14

Well, look on the bright side, if your experiences in a dentist's chair are even half as painful as the majority of people's, you probably would of ended up crying anyway.