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Today, my doctor got my blood test results from the lab. He looked at me gravely and told me I had just weeks left to live. After I started hyperventilating and crying, he burst out laughing and said he was kidding. He then prescribed me some iron tablets and sent me on my way. FML
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Don't worry, classic symptoms of iron deficiency.


Don't worry, classic symptoms of iron deficiency.

Very unprofessional of him and I thought most doctors are mature...

Nope, they are all big children. But most at least pretend to be mature.

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Doctor wouldn't lose their license over this, you Ambulance Chaser. And unless you already have a life threatening illness, you're going to have a breakdown in the office like this? Even if you have crippling anxiety, which believe me I know all about, this sounds like the reaction of a hypochondriac. Was this professional behaviour? No, apparently not in this case. Although, I'm sure the doctor didn't expect you to react the way you did. They very likely thought they could, though. Instead of going through litigation and in the long run raising the rates for everyone due to increased malpractice insurance; leave this doctor's practice and find another one that suits you better. I wouldn't think that they'll get much more than a slap on the wrist, so I wouldn't hold my breath about getting rich from closing this practice.

What is you really had a couple weeks even after iron deficiency ? The doctor tried to keep you happy for these couple weeks I guess

I wonder if there is a word for what he is doing. Oh right. Joking. Sure he may have let it go to far. But he was still joking.

That was a killer joke... Funny? No, whatever

He's allowed to say whatever he wants. And then the patient is just as allowed to fire his obnoxious ass for acting so unprofessionally. I make jokes with my patients when the time is right. But NEVER about death.

I would definitely change doctors if mine made a joke about death.

27, that's like me jokingly attempting to push someone down a flight of stairs and then exclaiming "it was just a prank!" when they get pissed off at me for even jokingly doing something like that. It doesn't negate the fact that it was super inappropriate and potentially harmful to the recipient of my "prank". I may not have intended to truly hurt them, but that's still what happened.

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Wait guys I need like 30 minutes to comprehend #68

#86 Her comment is pretty easy to comprehend. She said that even if it was meant as a joke, it is still harmful to the recepient.

86, need me to write you a step by step guide? While I'm doing that, I suggest you go back to elementary school to work on your reading comprehension, as it's clearly lacking.

No #26 I think the word you're looking for is lying

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Yep, the vitamin C helps with the iron absorption! I don't know why physicians frequently forget to tell patients this.

Honestly, that's crude and very unusual for a professional doctor to joke around as such to one of his or her patients. Sorry for the experience.

Find a new doctor because of a joke???

Yes, of course. I wouldn't stay if my doctor is gonna joke to me about death; that's not funny

I'm all up for a joke but he went too far

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Doctors should not be joking with patients about life and death matters. What he did was thoroughly unprofessional.

That's messed up, well look on the bright side at least you aren't dying.

And on the down side she has an ass hole for a doctor.

It is a natural fact that we are all dying. Why should he just speak for himself?

I was joking. Yes we are all going to die :)

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Love a doctor with a sense of humor.

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Well if you can laugh at your own impending mortality, hat's off to you sir. If someone told me I was dying the last thing I would want to do is laugh about it

Having health issues and having been around doctors my entire life I agree that I like a doctor with a sense of humour, although yes, this doctor took it way too far. About 2/3 of the doctors I've met, and I've met a lot, have no bedside manner. I get that it's rough dealing with sick people day in and day out, and their schedules are insanely busy, but anyone having to go to the doctor doesn't want to be there and being nice, or making jokes, doesn't hurt.

Might you be living in the world of the Simpsons?

I would've guessed the doc from family guy...

family guy would've actually would've made since. the first made none

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Made "since". Oh, the iron-y is killing me.

The doctor in the Simpsons has a tendency to amuse himself at the expense of the patients.