By humdrummitydrum - United States

Creepy nevertheless

Today, my new doctor gave me a breast exam and said everything was healthy, before adding "Well, I think so, anyway. I don't actually work here." As I freaked out, he laughed out loud, said he was just kidding, and that he should prescribe me a chill pill. FML
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  kaet  |  21

because "breast" isn't spelled like "messed" so people don't get the joke. also because it wasn't THAT great.

  katydid91  |  31

Yeah, have to disagree with you. OP's reaction was entirely justified. I would be uncomfortable enough with a new doctor doing a breast exam. Then to have said doctor jokingly claim that they weren't an actual doctor, whom had just performed a breast exam on me. Then after hearing they were only joking and to "Take a chill pill", I'd be furious!

  z3r0d4z3  |  22

It was funny. I had to get a physical with a new doctor. Instead of asking me to disrobe and put on the gown, (trying to break the weird tension of the preceeding actions) he said "now we have to unwrap you like a present" (was near Christmas time). I didn't know how to react and it was akward doing the whole turn head cough. Only because I was trying to hold in the laughs and cough at the same time. To this day Its still one of the best doctor jokes I've heard.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

See, all of these "Omg" reactions is why doctors usually don't make jokes at all! They're scared of getting reported or sued for stupid things. Personally I think it's hilarious! There was no harm here at all. And the fact that he said he should prescribe a chill pill isn't saying her reaction wasn't justified, it was making another joke. He was trying to lighten the mood in a not so fun situation. And if you don't appreciate the joke then just let it roll off your shoulders. It may not have been his best or most appropriate joke but at least he was trying which shows he cares and wants to make going to the doctor a more fun, mood lightening experience. No need to ruin it for others who like jokes and make him stop telling them altogether. No need to be "furious." Just let it roll off your shoulders as there was no harm done and he did it with good intentions.