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Today, my football practice ended early due to severe weather. Not only had I misplaced my phone earlier in the day, both my parents thought the other had picked me up. I was in the rain for an hour and a half. FML
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Yes. It could be. He could have been eaten by a wolf. swallowed by a whale or abducted by aliens. Every situation could be worse.

that sounds like good life advice to me, "every situation could be worse."

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although what they said about anything could be worse is true, some fmls I see on here are annoying. they are people complaining about stupid pointless stuff, not appreciating what they have.

#12 What happens if the situation literally can't get worse though?

it can always get worse... trust me son!

Well, #1 isn't wrong. But really, if one of somebody's fingers get cut off, do you really think the "could be worse" line will be very comforting just because they didn't lose more fingers? I mean, sure, they could be grateful that they didn't lose a hand, but you still have a right to be upset over some degree of misfortune.

I've had this happen before, it sucks.

I had to sit outside my highschool once for 2hrs while these stupid guys kept debating on whether mine or the other girl's ass was bigger or the same -_- ...... I'm sorry you had to sit in the rain tho

Not all people want a big ass or to hear dudes commenting on it.

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You had to? How hard is it to say "Gotta go home, see ya" I have a feeling you enjoyed the attention. Hardly the same as being stuck outside in the rain with no easy way to get a hold of your parents.

18, you seem to know their situation a lot, hm? Our high school is slightly out of town, so 90% of students would have a long walk, both ones in town and out of town. You don't know how far they live from their school.

there was no cover? at all? that sucks though

You couldn't go inside the school or under an awning of some sort? Also, couldn't you ask a team mate to use their phone?

I don't know about schools where you live. Most of them here use a field some distance away from the school. As to the other question it seems his parents didn't bother to ask each other if they had gotten their son.

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Reminds me of that time Homer left Bart in the rain after soccer practice. Hope you didn't get cold or shit. FYL.

I voted YDI. But, it's nothing personal, I just want the badge.

this remind me of that early two and a half men episode where both brothers forgot to pick up Jake... twice. Oh Charlie where did you go!

We all have to get a trashy day sometime OP, bounce back and don't let one bad day make your week, month, etc... bad also.