By pi_power_15 - United States - Spring Grove
Today, my football practice ended early due to severe weather. Not only had I misplaced my phone earlier in the day, both my parents thought the other had picked me up. I was in the rain for an hour and a half. FML
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  1jordan1  |  11

although what they said about anything could be worse is true, some fmls I see on here are annoying. they are people complaining about stupid pointless stuff, not appreciating what they have.

  trollcrusher  |  17

Well, #1 isn't wrong. But really, if one of somebody's fingers get cut off, do you really think the "could be worse" line will be very comforting just because they didn't lose more fingers? I mean, sure, they could be grateful that they didn't lose a hand, but you still have a right to be upset over some degree of misfortune.

By  open_secrets  |  15

I had to sit outside my highschool once for 2hrs while these stupid guys kept debating on whether mine or the other girl's ass was bigger or the same -_- ...... I'm sorry you had to sit in the rain tho

  nonsensical  |  26

You had to? How hard is it to say "Gotta go home, see ya"

I have a feeling you enjoyed the attention. Hardly the same as being stuck outside in the rain with no easy way to get a hold of your parents.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

18, you seem to know their situation a lot, hm? Our high school is slightly out of town, so 90% of students would have a long walk, both ones in town and out of town. You don't know how far they live from their school.


I don't know about schools where you live. Most of them here use a field some distance away from the school. As to the other question it seems his parents didn't bother to ask each other if they had gotten their son.