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Today, my daughter spent three hours crying and having a temper tantrum over being forced to have a bath after four days without one. My daughter is 16. FML
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You shouldn't force her to bathe, she is 16, let her live with everyone telling her how bad she smells.

iAmScrubs 19

Post the video of her on her Facebook page. That is the best revenge possible.


kiaralove53 0

You shouldn't force her to bathe, she is 16, let her live with everyone telling her how bad she smells.

gabstahhh 8

Exactly she's a big girl and can make her own big girl decisions

SpeshulK 0

But then you still have to live with her

flockz 19

and tell her she cant live in your house until she stops smelling like ass.

eminemchick 19

lol 18 very straightforwardxD

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that's so dirty, even the dog can't take that odor. 18's pic for example.

And by telling her, do you mean telling *everyone else* how bad she smells? We *are* talking about teenagers.

18 nice. Daughter-"Do I look nice?" OP-"Yes, but how do I put this in the nicest way possible? Oh yeah. Princess?" Daughter-"Yes mom?" OP-"You smell like straight up ass." 13 yeah but whenever I have to go to the bathroom after my brother takes a shit, I put chopstick right under my nose so OP can do the same thing. I saw it in the show Reaper. Ah, oh how I miss that show.

I meant chapstick*. Chopsticks do nothing to help. Oh silly sassy me.

you know that's a sign of autism right?

Trupe 3

Well at least she won't be getting knocked up! think positive :D

holly_41611 0

that's disgusting, she's 16 she should know she needs to be showering so it's fine OP is making her take a bath. it's not like her moms being a bitch about anything she just wants to help her daughter

YourEvilHero 12

and no one has stopped to think that maybe her daughter has some kind of mental illness?

I agree with 113 and 183. she probably is autistic or has some other sort developmental disability

I think she has like Autism or something...

sweetbabysweet93 10

are you qualified to make that diagnosis?

Or maybe she's really unaware of the importance of hygiene.

daysgoby902 6

or maybe she doesn't want a bath she prefers showers...

Randuhh_17 4

Maybe she's going green.. 154- you look like Spencer from pretty little liars.

Tell her she smells like a fish market at high noon on a hot summer day.

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spray febreeze on her and let her make her own smelly decisions.

way to look on the upside. I commend your optimism!

havocmike 3

no, 16 is not "a big girl". plus you lose your freedom to make big girl decisions when you do stupid things like not bathing for 4 days

MerrikBarbarian 9

actually depression more then autism, but I agree it points to mental illness. op should take her daughter to a doctor, not bitch on the Internet

I'm guessing that because 1) she didn't bathe for days 2) she takes baths (maybe unable to coordinate showers?) 3) she threw a tantrum for 3 ours she is disabled. I hate to be judgmental but it seems likely.

krista2009 0

no really? it was only said like 10 times thumbs down

my sister is 16. mentally ill. and even she knows when to shower

those of you who are planning on dominating Greenland and iceland will need a lot of weapons. it just so happens that I'm an amazing blacksmith and can produce amazing weapons for you If you let me join.

guys enough I just didn't wanna shower , I'm embracing the fishiness, nothing like some tuna on a Sunday morning ;)

You missed a question mark in your comment. If you're going to be a grammar nazi do it properly.

Matty1188 6

Perhaps the girl has been to a doctor (if in fact she needs one). Seeing a doctor doesn't cure mental illness; it can take quite awhile to stabilize.

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and u can easily ruine her life if u vlog this stuff. but then again that's ur daughter. but she will learn her lesson ... fn nasty

kinghashem 5

girls that don't shower are the hottest :)

101 - I tried the chopstick trick before you edited. Now I have a dislocated shoulder and knee.

codyjeffers97 0

how the **** do you do that with chopsticks?

OP making her daughter bathe is fine coz if she has a stinky, unhygienic child she is going to be judged for being a horrible parent

OP probably told her to bathe because she didn't want to smell her

iAmScrubs 19

Post the video of her on her Facebook page. That is the best revenge possible.

You're a sick, twisted and evil bastard. I like you.

iAmScrubs 19

CryMoreFmls - Let's team up and try to accomplish domination of Greenland.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

scrubs can you take over Iceland to? thank you

I think who ever was naming the countries of those places mixed each other up.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

77- they did it on purpose 0.o

flockz 19

ooooooooo that sounds like a perfect plan scrubs. oh wait it would of been perfect if i hadn't found out about it. *laughs menacingly* now i demand a cash payment of 1000 monopoly dollars and a unicorn with five legs and dragon wings and i won't tell the authorities of your criminal actions.

I think Greenland would be an excellent place to start, followed by Iceland!

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haha yeah 78 is right, the Vikings did that to cover their trails.

89- NOOOZZ!!! Dats my birth dayz prezentz. I typed like that on purpose. Why? I felt like it. BUBBLEZ, BUTTERCUP & BLOSSOM!!! POWERPUFF GIIIIIRLLS!!

iAmScrubs 19

Flockz- You can come along if you don't tell anybody. MrSassyPants can also join in if he wants.

flockz 19

YESSSS! i won't tell anyone i promise! i just have to go pack all my armor and weapons. and i still want my unicorn by the way.

eminemchick 19

i sincerely hope this epic conversation doesnt get moderatedD:

I'm astride my hawkfalcondragonling, awaiting the rest of you to get on our magical cloud airship so we can begin!!

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iAmScrubs 19

I'm astride my winged basilisk.

babyyninjas 1

I have the monoploy money .... now please don't tell anybody !

flockz 19

sadly i have no winged beasts... BUT i will wear my barney suit from holloween and wear my dora the explorer jet pack underneath and ALAS I WILL PASS FOR A FLYING PURPLE DINOSAUR.

Why take over Greenland when taking over Canada would be so much easier? :) though I'm all good with taking over Greenland, if you'll let me join in that is...

209 - We don't want Bieber Fever to kill us before we complete the invasion.

I think we could take on The Bebier. Though Jim Carry, I don't think so... Ok, Greenland it is! XD

:O can I join?? I have a flying magic carpet which talks :D

Metal_Chick 15

I'm the most meanest psychotic bitch who hates everything...but this I like!

you wouldn't survive crazy beliebers...

kc1997kc 9

This is awesome. I wish the whole wold had such an epic sence of humor.

157- I can hook you up, like them. Just call me your Cuban drug lord.

after the invasion of greenland, can you create a new color and rename it after that? also please wipe out the colony of meth addicted leprechauns. I shall have my revenge on you one day Ron weasley. ONE DAY

surf I would also Like some of this feces of epic proportions. the effects seem quite spectacular

you know, when the vikings named greenland it was actually a hell of a lot warmer than Iceland. the earth was a different place back then. so the names were accurate back then but they aren't now :F

can I come too? I don't have a unicorn but I fart rainbows and glitter

itsgen 16

his was funnier than the post! (x

378 are you some kind of new nyancat species? You can shit out glitter too? Oh man and you can type! The smartest nyancat right here folks!

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score OP should so listen to this dude this is an effective way to get her to take a damn shower or anything with running water and some soap !!

why are you forcing a 16 year old to take a bath?

Because obviously she isn't mature enough to wash her smelly self.

Chill out Dr Huang, people pretending to be psychologists over the Internet usually give shitty information.

NatandAlexrhot 6

Because she smells like shit? lmfao.

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WDLfootball 8

I wouldn't touch that thing with a 10 foot pole!

You get your point across a lot easier, if people don't have to read it three times to understand what you attempted to say.

futtbuck101 1

Unless the bf smells like ass too.

22- How dare you put down commas, after all they have done for you, you should be ashamed, you're a horrible person, please, just get off, and most importantly, use commas for your momma.

iAmScrubs 19

I am utterly disgusted at how you have chosen to act, GirlBaby. Last September, I voted for the Comma Party to represent Canada in Parliament. It is very disheartening to see you bashing commas like this. They do matter. A comma once saved my grandma from being eaten. Your grandma would probably die, though, because you would say, "Let's eat Grandma", instead of "Let's eat, Grandma".

Well, what else are we going to judge books on? We aren't going to open every single one.

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55-Is a super run on sentence.

115- Too much? I should've stopped myself. Although I do love commas....

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146 - I'm pretty sure you are not a female dog...But, it seems like you have the common sense of one.

uglyyness 0

24, i wouldn't even poke it on facebook lol

137- In no way was I acting toward the non-comma user in a manner I wouldn't use toward my friends. I like to chime in, and piss people off. Why yes, that was a run-on sentence that would make my English teacher shit herself, but I though it was funny..

155 - That was my opinion. My own opinion. I don't care if everyone is insulting her or on her side but her previous comments make her seem like she has no brain cells. So, I said it. I was not following everyone else. Seriously, just because everyone else is insulting her doesn't mean I will just jump in stupidly. Idiot...

rebeldevil 4

shut the **** uuuuup!!!! nobody ****** cares about damn commas!!!

You must be illiterate if it took you three times to read that before understanding it..

Pufferfish78 5 brake the ice/ tension here let's talk about something else. I gotta parakeet named Buddy!

meggieh815 0

I'm curious what big thing Eagor loves..

Hahaha, my name is 'eagor luvs bigFOOT. Not something gross don't worry. ;)

okay! Enough about commas, but I'm pretty sure up is spelt with one u.

iloveHU15 6

i second that. when I was 16, I had to have a shower every day or I felt disgusting.

EffinToofer 3

Eww is when she realizes it hurts to pee. She's going to be UTI city! I bet she'll cry to mommy wondering why, too. She doesn't sound very intelligent.

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aaaahhDamn 0

247- you must be the girl op was talking about?

Why? It's soo gross! I feel very sorry for you OP. FYL:(

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If OP's daughter 16 and was crying plus throwing a tantrum.. she must be mentally challenged. I'm just guessing.

103-I would think some still do. Have you watched MTV?

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that is so gross...someone needs some better hygiene

Uraharas_Bankai 1

Maybe she showers instead... hopefully...

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