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Today, I found myself actively concerned about what the characters from "Will and Grace" have been doing since the show went off the air. FML
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WearingHats 14

They've been thinking about you.

Will died in a freak Salad Shooter accident. Grace hung around the gay guys so long that she decided she wanted to be a gay man. She's set to have gender reassignment surgery next month. She's still neurotic and single. Jack realised that he wasn't gay after all and is dating Lindsay Lohan. Karen is still drunk.


Happens to me all the time with other movies and shows I like. Who the hell am I kidding, that's just strange OP!

LO388 7

Not surprising coming from a jets fan.

KiddNYC1O 20

1) your profile scares the **** out of me.

Out of curiosity I looked at his profile...It's a Borat quote.

71- I'm glad somebody finally noticed. 100 points to Gryffindor!

I envy 3 for making such a well thought comment. Hopefully one day I can be a hilarious and smart commenter like him.

Aug1508 9

Well Op time to get some friends...

ReturnOfTheRat 6

I've got friends:) all ten seasons on dvd

Aug1508 9

21- but your not worried about how will and grace's life is going after the show has finished. I'm sure Op was talking about the characters and not the actors themselves. So don't take it personally.

She was definitely talking about the television series "Friends", not taking it personally.

I wish actual FML's would get published.

WearingHats 14

They've been thinking about you.

SecretMe00 5

I can't believe the show is off the air.. That's sad.. I love Will and Grace!

The characters and not the actors that played them? Damn that was some great writing back then!

Psych101 9

Do you mean the characters from the show? Or the actors who portrayed them? If it was the characters, like you said, then I have harsh truth. they're not real.