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i see you have met my granda (:


smart man..*insightful look*

I now know what I will be doing when I'm old

OP kinda asked for it since she played along

Like a senior boss.

i bet he's one of those grandpas poppin' wheelies on his wheelchair xD

How is that an FML he complimented you.

even if you were "Leslie", you still shouldn't engage in a conversation with a creepy old man. he could be a rapist.. you sort of deserve it for lying about being Leslie.

that old guy is awesome lol

Yeah, iEatGuppies, *every* creepy person is a rapist- ESPECIALLY old people! One must be careful!

The grandpa being a rapist? I'm sure he would break his hip trying to do anything.

99, actually I read in the newspaper that in new york, a 60-something year old man forced a hotel staff employee to give him a bj.

Lol what newspaper was it in?

107 it's local so I don't want to give it away. I live in new jersey, so I get stuff from new york frequently. if you type in: new york staff employee forced to give man a bj, on google, im sure you'll find it:)

I gave up after I found this post on google lol, and some McDonalds employee giving bj's

At least you played along. What if he really was delusional? You could have made his day. :D

LOL @101! i hope you ain't talking about Dominique Strauss-Kahn? because if you say some old 60 years old dude.. means you're that ignorant not to know the ex-IMF guy!

I never said every. you never know.

You're correct, I do not know if he is or is not a rapist, but could you please explain to me *why* he could be a rapist? Because he was messing with OP? With that logic, one should never leave his/her house because everyone is a potential sexual predator.

That man can only be described as a genius.

YDI for using public transportation...

I have now found my idol. I want to be jut like him when I'm older. he played you like a boss.

i dont know and i dont care.

you're a cutie. :)

144 -She did make his day!

Sarah Palin... you look like Sarah Palin... FYL (just kidding)

i see you have met my granda (:

I don't know why the OP is so upset, she has a nice rack!

46 maybe OP is a man o_O JK I know she's not... she's a cactus!

Worlds oldest troll

gayboii got positive thumbs! Congrats man.

I would like to meet your grandpa too then. He sounds...entertaining

That's hilarious ur grandpa sounds funny :D

haha 84 I know what you mean, everytime I see him post it's negative. but Congrats! 107 thumbs up!

Like Grandpa like Grandson??

Gayboii is back! And with surprisingly good comments. Good job, keep it up(:

ahaha ! why did OP play along ? OP was egging it on in my book . No offense or anything , but you did act like you were "Leslie" . So really, it was OP's fault .

197 thumbs up :L ... if i get 200 i'll take off all my clothes and run around my house 3 times in the rain

didnt know it rained inside your house....

-_- cheers for making me look like a twat

my friend gayboii getting thumbs up?!?! IM JEALOUS!! good job on getting thumbs up :D

too bad he's gay

156, he said run around, not in.

only if u have a nice rack!!

Maybe she really don't and that was a lie!

And grandpa Charlie got a new story to tell the kids

could have been worse

this isn't twitter, lose the hashtags

194! it's a waffle duh.... ;] that is sooo funny :]

this is my fave fml and this is comment is winning


well at least he gave you a compliment! other then that fyl op

I know you are totally right

she's probably a 'Leslie'ian

next time don't play along with creepy old men on the bus

...who knows what they can do :O

ugh I hate when old people insist on talking to you on the bus . so creepy

I think we've met the same person....

42 that's why I can't wait to be old. 8)

67- haha I thought the same thing :p better watch out for me !

So who played who for a fool now... lmao

That's weird! Hahah but funny!

That's hilarious.

LOL that old dude is awesome.

well played, well played

I would be happy with the compliment. Not everyone has blessed breasts.

Blessed breasts. Try saying that 5 times fast.

Nice rack indeed.