By Anonymous - United States
Today, on the bus, a delusional old man had an extremely long conversation with me, referring to me as "Leslie" and talking about "our childhood together". Not wanting to hurt his feelings I played along. At his stop he got up and grinned at me, saying "I'm kidding. I never knew a Leslie in my life. Nice rack." FML
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  iEatGuppies  |  0

even if you were "Leslie", you still shouldn't engage in a conversation with a creepy old man. he could be a rapist.. you sort of deserve it for lying about being Leslie.

  uglyyness  |  0

107 it's local so I don't want to give it away. I live in new jersey, so I get stuff from new york frequently. if you type in: new york staff employee forced to give man a bj, on google, im sure you'll find it:)

  bennetts211  |  2

You're correct, I do not know if he is or is not a rapist, but could you please explain to me *why* he could be a rapist? Because he was messing with OP? With that logic, one should never leave his/her house because everyone is a potential sexual predator.

  babygirrl  |  4

ahaha ! why did OP play along ? OP was egging it on in my book . No offense or anything , but you did act like you were "Leslie" . So really, it was OP's fault .