By fml - 03/09/2013 06:31 - Canada - Vancouver

Today, my dad told me I was folding my laundry all wrong. I said with a smirk, "A little clothes-minded, are we?" He slapped me. Hard. FML
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perdix 29

You're lucky you didn't get pun-ched!

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Chellybelly92 14

Although I agree with not talking back to parents, I wouldn't classify this as talking back. Just poking fun that the parent just didn't get.

That was a very witty comeback, nice one, OP! Your dad needs to loosen up and learn to take a joke once in awhile. Hopefully you'll laugh about it later :)

its not talking back its having a discussion but either way op wasnt talking back he was making a joke, and it was funny.

did anyone else picture op as Eric Foreman and the dad as Red?

summerguy97 16

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**** I don't know about you guys but if my dad hit me I'd hit him back hard. If I'm doing something wrong then he has every right to ground me or punish me in whatever way he sees fit but **** me if I'm going to stand for being hit by anyone. ESPECIALLY my own family.

Shootermtd25 7

Excuse me, but even if the father doesn't appreciate his kid's back-talk, there's a better way to handle it than walloping his son. Slapping someone like that is abuse, and there's no excuse for it.

agreed number 1 and if u knew that you can't play around then don't and stoo complaing it was just a slap not a beating so no its not abuse all u liberals

perdix 29

You're lucky you didn't get pun-ched!

#62 No it didn't you ****..... now it did.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

70--wow! u wana meet me somewhere and we can discuss this with my head up my ass... and I just took it to the next level..;)

Did 109 just invite 70 up her ass? Is that what happened?

No, I think she invited me to watch her stuff her own head up her own ass.... eh, I'll stick to the regular ****.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

That's a great comeback. I wish I could think of stuff like that at the moment instead of after ;P

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That's really not okay, it's none of his business how you fold your clothes. Frankly, you should've hit him back at least as hard.

Yes, why not? How could that not possibly go wrong?

Because OP would be on the defensive. Yes, ethically, that does make a difference. Usually legally, too.

Yea sure, slap the hand that feeds you. That'll turn out great, no worries at all.

Mc8005 9

wrong... as soon as the dad is no longer the agressor, the OP would no longer be on the defensive. No legal grounds to strike back. If the dad slapped OP then turned back around to his own business, he would no longer be a threat to OP.

I have a feeling the dad would just... hang him out to dry

True 38. That's why he should have went to the police and filed assault charges.

get over it quit being a pussy parenting done right

hunteryager 18

Alright his comment was whitty...but the abuse I guess I can call it was not needed...fold your clothes in your room then he can't complain unless he found you doing that already...

Slapping is not abuse, it's viewed as discipline to many parents. :o

Hence my point of I guess I can call it...either way it might be discipline or abuse depending on who it is...

But why should OP be disciplined? He made a simple joke out of a situation that was in no way, shape, or form disrespectful and called for discipline. I think OP's dad needs a dose of reality and to see that he was completely out of line and it was in no way necessary for him to do that.

TheDrifter 23

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CallMeMcFeelii 13

Some people see parents smacking their kids as abuse, while others think it's a perfectly fine form of discipline. If I would have said something like that to my dad when I was younger I'm sure I'd have got a smack out of it. Personally, I think some kids need a smack or two from their parents if they disrespect them in any form. OP decided to back talk his dad with a snarky comment, and he got punished for it. Stop bitching, OP, you brought that upon yourself.

It depends on how old Op is. I lived at home for a while last year because I lost my job. I was over 18. If Op is not a child, and was slapped by the father, then it is abuse.

**** off, 44. OP was joking and got a slap for no reason, other than maybe their dad was PMSing like the whiny bitch he so clearly is. Unless making idle fun of something someone does or says constitutes a hard slap in your mind. Killjoys like you sicken me.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

You need to relax, 55. If OP would have acted like an adult, he wouldn't have gotten hit. Instead he decided to **** off to the person who puts a ******* roof over his head. Respect is key, he disrespected his father and his dad showed him what happens if he decided to do it again. Even if he was trying to make a joke, the father took it as an insult. His house, his rules. Maybe you weren't punished as a kid, and don't understand the concept of respect for the people who helped you get to where you are now.

^ What's your superpower, overreacting to superhuman levels? You're acting like he called his dad a ****. He just made a joke. A dumb, corny joke, but a joke. And as for the fucktard saying he slandered his dad by calling him a "bigot", I hope you realize now how incomprehensibly stupid that comment was. Or maybe I'm being a killjoy and ruining the FML sport of being an OP-bashing, high-horsing ********.

RedPillSucks 31

Calm down people The problem is not that OP was smacked for making a joke, the problem is OP was smacked for making a joke that dad didn't get and thought was a form of disrespect. This is basically a classic misunderstanding. How many people have been physically disciplined for things they actually didn't do?

bfsd42 20

People, while what op said was a joke, it also was a comeback, basically saying that "no, I'm not doing it wrong". And depending on the tone in which it was said, it could also have been a very rude thing to say to their father. If that was the case, which is very possible, then op deserved to get smacked. In my opinion anyway.

^ so you think people should get slapped simply for disagreeing when someone says they're doing something wrong? God you guys sound like uptight, killjoy, douches. It was a harmless pun, big deal.

If it left a mark it was abuse. End of story. An adult shouldn't hit a minor with enough force to leave marks.

Also 60, respect is earned, not beaten into people.

Anyone consider the possibility that OP's dad actually misheard him and thought he said "closed-minded"? Hah, that thought makes it even funnier!

TheDrifter 23

Op's retort was meant to be misheard. Along with the smirk it's quite clear he was just trying to be a snarky little douche. He obviously didn't expect his father to call him on it though.

It's one thing to smack a misbehaving toddler on the butt; they don't respond to an adult trying to reason with them. But if OP is old enough to 1) fold laundry and 2) post about it on FML, he's presumably of the age where he would be able to understand his father saying, "Can the backtalk and fold your laundry right." Not to mention, unless he's a total control freak, why does OP's dad care how OP folds HIS own laundry? If he were doing someone else's laundry, it's fine to ask that it be folded a certain way. Or if the dad knows of a better way to prevent wrinkles, there's a way to give guidance.

TheDrifter 23

It seems he started with guidance on how to prevent wrinkles and got a snarky comeback and a smirk. Toddlers see reason faster than teenagers, they don't have the smug sense of superiority or entirely unjustified ego to get through when you're trying to convey new information.

addioty 19

Okay. This is just my opinion, but once you get to a certain age, it would be classified as abuse. I totally understand a toddler that's acting up getting a smack on the bottom, but you shouldn't lay a hand on your child past a certain age unless its out of care or comfort. Honestly, he was MOTHERFUCKING JOKING. It was a stupid, corny joke that should've been laughed at. But then again, what do I know - my mom's never been strict about parenting with me. But if they fed or clothed us is irrevelant. They chose to have and keep a baby - we didn't choose to come into this world. It's also illegal to not feed your child so its not a total amazing thing if they followed the law. I agree that respect is earned. It's a two way street.

"I made a joke and my dad slapped me." The cops would quite literally look at you, laugh, and tell you to get the **** out.

\ 28

If it left a visible bruise though, that'd invite investigation...

But if it didnt bruise or leave any evidence of contact then there isn't much he can do except avoid making puns I suppose

That is a great pun, your dad needs to develop a sense of humor.