By anonymous - 22/09/2010 05:38 - United States

Today, my dad gave me a twenty minute lecture about responsibility and how lazy he considers me to be. He then yelled at me for not making his bed and getting his clothes off the floor. FML
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ouch...parents are such hypocrites at times

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Sounds like your dad is single. He needs a wife to do that shit for him

Damn op you're stupid, that woulda been 2 minutes worth of work maximum, and you'd rather spend ten times that getting lectured?

I'm just gonna take a stab in the dark and say OP didn't know he was his dad's maid... Sounds like the dad just randomly started lecturing about OP being lazy and went overboard.

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if I was you I would be like, hey! if you tell me to do your stuff, I'm gonna kick you square in the nuts

Ouch! Did you really have to stab me? And with the lights off? I mean, the light switch is right over there...

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What's the point of having kids if you don't get to make them do your work every now and again? And YDI OP because you didn't give us a reason that you AREN'T lazy. So he probably justly lectured you and then was a dick about it.

If OP is a girl, I don't see why you're complaining. It should be no problem. She's used to this stuff. YDI If OP is a guy, FYL. Sorry about the trouble you've been given.

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#25, so you advocate catering to your family's hypocrisy?

ya thats totally something my dad wuld do too... i just walk away after the first minute

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Why would a person have kids to do their work for them? Why not simply hire a maid? And don't say, 'not everyone can afford it'. Raising a kid is far more expensive than hiring a maid.

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time for you to move out you deserve better

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FYLDeep 25

Before you respond, with an FML worded like this, someone had to say it.

Well I guess if you replace lecture with another word it might get intersting.

ouch...parents are such hypocrites at times

I'd really, you know, get on that and bring him a sandwich before he realizes you forgot something else.

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if you don't like it get a job and move out

Irrelevant, but, your name and DP scare the **** out of me. That is all.

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Telinaa thank you I was thinking the same thing :(

Who said they don't have a job... And not everybody can just "move out". It takes planning, and being of age.

kindly remind him that your probably choosing and paying the majority for his resting home and medical bills when hes older

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15, people like you piss me off. kpeace.

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wow that sounds like MY dad. He's always trying to make me clean up his Shit. So FYL and FML lol