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Today, there was a laundry basket of my clothes sitting in my room. My dad asked me if they were clean or not. When I said I didn't know, he picked up a piece of my clothing, sniffed it, and said it smelled fine. That piece of clothing just so happened to be my underwear. FML
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It was your DAD. He probably did this without even thinking that it might look weird. Your parents have seen you naked before and have washed your underwear so many times. They don't care if it's a shirt or your bra. Are we really so full of paranoia that we don't trust our parents anymore?


alex_the_tiger 14

I would say gender matters, but in this situation it's weird both ways

No, gender doesn't matter. Op is his child. He's seen them naked multiple times and used to wipe their butt. I'm sure he didn't mean to grab underwear, it was probably just on top. OP is totally overreacting and sounds stupid. It's their dad, not Unlce Chester.

What? You mean to tell me that normal people don't do that sort of thing???

Might not have been.. Could have just smelt nice

Or so you think it was clean. He said that it smelled good. I think you all know where I am going with this

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Geez, that sounds really unhygienic and just plain gross. Maybe you should just check yourself, so you won't have to experience that again...

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OP probably didn't expect the dad to sniff their clothes. That's kinda something that takes you by surprise; perhaps OP didn't have enough time to get up and check. Also, just wondering OP, but how do you not know if clothes in your own room are dirty or clean? Unless your mom washed them for you without you knowing or something, I could understand that.

Plus maybe the dad picked up something by random and it turned out to be an underwear

I agree with #1! It was clean, good for you and your dad!

Not really. The dad probably just picked up whatever was at the top, so he might not have known it was underwear at first

lol with all this newfangled underwear nowadays

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He most likely didn't know it was your underwear.

How would he not know what her underwear looks like?

#5 probably meant he just chose any random piece of clothing in the basket. As in he didn't purposely choose her underwear to sniff

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Uh... I would HOPE that a DAD does not know what his DAUGHTER'S underwear looks like. Unless she's like four years old and/or can't dress herself yet or something, but that's clearly not the case here.

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27, It's not like the dad hasn't seen lady's underwear before. You can see that just by watching everyday TV.

Ah he has a wife I think he has a general idea of what they look like

27, you know dads do washing right, so he would see the underwear. In a family situation it's pretty normal.

If you're old enough to be on FML, you're old enough to do your own laundry.

Sometimes parents do it anyway. My parents did, just as I helped with the rest of the family's laundry too. Are fathers just not going to touch laundry because they have a daughter? Not go outside just in case he catches a glimpse of underwear on the line? "Oh no, my wife is folding clothes - LOOK AWAY!! I MIGHT SEE UNDERWEAR!!'

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What makes you think OP is a female?

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79, because in the name it says "I can't even"

I think he just didn't care and that's really nasty either way hope he doesn't do it again OP!

Yeah if I was a dad I would not rlly care as well and he's your ******* dad as long as he is not a creeper it's not creepy. Like I do my families laundry so I have folded my brothers mothers and dads underwear and sometimes I have had to make sure they are not dirty. And I don't care cuz they are my family

That. Um... That's really weird. Mayhaps you need to keep your dad away from your laundry basket. Try not to think too much into it though. But if it happens again, yeah. Then that's a sign something needs to be taken care of.

Firstly, "mayhaps" isn't a word. Secondly, no. I think it was an unfortunate coincidence.

Mayhap is a word ....: perhaps; perchance. From the phase is may help. Don't be a douche and mayhaps you'll live longer.

Instead of keeping Dad away from her laundry basket, she should keep clean clothes out of her basket and stow them away as soon as she gets them?

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Deleted scene: It was a dirty laundry basket and the chance-favoured garment had fresh shit stains

Not sure why you got downvoted. That was a witty comment.

On the bright side, you're hygiene level is really high.

I sometimes go days without washing my ass, but as long as I have a few pieces of clean clothing around, then my "hygiene level is really high" too! By the way, it should be "your". It's really not that difficult!

Okay, that grammar mistake of mine is pretty embarrassing.