By doodoobref - United States - Lake Havasu City
  Today, my parents sent me to the hospital because they thought I had diabetes. One of the symptoms is that you a pee a lot. The only reason I go to the bathroom so often is so I can masturbate. FML
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  JustinJK  |  21

But even after insurance there's still going to be money owed. He just wasted his own time, his parents, and the hospital staff who could have been helping legitimate patients. Plus the money. Bc he was too embarrassed to confess that his Jacks off a lot

  sturschaedel  |  27

111, they are only little now, one is still in diapers. So right now "playing with themselves" is closest to the truth when they knead their respective penises (penii?). Which they have no shame about (yet) and do it whenever they feel like it.

But still. Masturbation is natural and part of life. There is no way I'm going to forbid them doing it at any point of their lifes. With the older boy, I tell him to not do it where other people can see, but he still forgets sometimes.

  Mauskau  |  35

My family have always given privacy, even from a young age. If I have someone over they will always leave me alone, and only try to talk to me after they've left. I have a lock on my bedroom door and can have all the privacy I want. When I'm a parent I won't let my children think their only privacy is in the bathroom.

  gracehi  |  31

Nope. Then they'll think he has OCD. Then he'll have to go to a shrink. On second thought, might not be a bad idea for OP to see a shrink, with his constant whacking.

  MrGibbs25  |  20

well, one shower in the morning and one in the evening .Judging by the fact that his or her parents thought he or she was peeing, he or she must be doing it a lot, lol, 2 showers should be sufficient for op .