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did they give you a lower bail bond in light of the black friday spirit? (:

Hey toasters are important you know


Hey toasters are important you know

Yeah--don't F with a man's capability to make toast..

The next best thing to sliced bread? Heated to a crisp sliced bread

Put some butter and cinnamon on that shit and it makes toast soooo worth it

Did he at least get the toaster?

"All toasters, toast toast." --Mario

did they give you a lower bail bond in light of the black friday spirit? (:

No because the police thought he was too toasted.

90% off and they did accept the buy one get one free coupon. It couldn't get any better than that.

Oh the joys of Black Friday...

I'm sure it wasn't just ANY toaster. I mean, who would do that for a simple toaster? Must have been the Little Brave Toaster.

It must make some pretty godly toast.

The little toaster who could.

Bet it was a toaster oven. Cold War style baby.

It was probably a Toaster-Radio on sale for $5

That better have been the greatest toaster in the world for anyone to fight for it.

It probably won an award

Maybe it's a 6 slice toaster! Can't go wrong with that.

Yeah, how many pieces of toast do you put into this toaster?

The things we do for toasters huh

I can't believe people are so heavily manipulated by money. Sheeple.

It was a good post until you ruined it with "sheeple". Come on...

Or manipulated in general to do a seductive selfie while looking like they tried on mascara and eyeliner for the first time ever... Sheeple indeed!

51- You should really tell her to put ice on such a severe burn.

Link5794 18

Actually, ice can damage the burnt tissue even more. Cold water is better.

well, did the other guy punch your husband first or..? we need a little more detail

We all need a cheap toaster, geez.

Guess his buns got toasted