Freaked out

By klanciee - 16/07/2012 02:00 - United States - Valencia

Today, when I woke up, I noticed something crawling on my bed. A white faced wasp was dragging the corpse of a rather large spider. I'm not sure what I was more disturbed about; the fact that the wasp was dragging something twice its size, or that these bugs even live in my house. FML
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The good news is, you don't have to worry about spiders.

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No he was not at all thinking yolo


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Sorry people /: I wanted to change the comment but I couldn't.

You seem to have taken all the time and effort you could to type that comment.

I personally like wasps; they kill other bugs and they don't sting me.

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He was obviously thinking YOLO

dragonstrike94 8

No he was not at all thinking yolo

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Oh, you said yolo on FML? You must be new here. As for you OP, I wouldn't panic, and quickly invite Billy the Exterminator over.

It so DID own! This fml made me shiver though. Spiders and bees both creep me out majorly.

21- YOLO... Such a retarded concept. I hear way too meant people using that as an excuse to do absolutely retarded shit. Like cheat on ur bf. I said that because yes from what I've noticed it's mostly girls. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think I am. As for the FML... I think a bug exterminator is in order :D

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This is actually something really cool to witness in nature. You really don't see something like this very often, especially if you don't live in a desert. Granted, it would be much cooler if it didn't happen in the house, but pretty cool nonetheless.

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60- my guy friends go "yoloing" all the time. (auto-correct changed yoloing to tooling). I only know one girl that says yolo the rest are all boys.

why am I getting thumbed down when a guy said the same thing and gets thumbed up? -_-

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I think OP just missed an ultimate showdown

The good news is, you don't have to worry about spiders.

Just wasps that could build a nest and are apparently more dangerous. What's to worry about!

I think I would grab my jetpack and GTFO.

All aboard the nope train to ****-that-shitville

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According to some scientists, you're never more than 3ft away from a spider at any time :|

85 - **** some scientists. What about when I'm skydiving?

I would be worried about a wasp just walking around your bed getting some lunch 0.o

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OP already *knows* there are bugs. The problem is how to get rid of them... Reddit has told us that fire is the only option, so OP, you should douse your whole house and yourself on fire and light it up :3

I think you mean douse in oil, then light it up. Not douse in fire, then light it up..,,

Inediblepeaches 15

Whoops, I derped >.< You understand what I meant though

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Yeesh that's nasty. Freakin' creepy crawlies.

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I wanna know why youre still in bed looking at the wasp...

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I don't think you disturb something like that. You either get the friendly household wasp to continue saving you from giant spiders that WILL reproduce; or, by moving, you would tick off the wasp and become his next target. I'd stick with letting the wasp be until he's gone and you can get ahold of some gasoline and a match to light the place up.

One down, one to go. I think the only logical way to kill the wasp is to let in an even larger bug.

Thank the wasp for getting rid of that yucky spider!

strawberrywine22 30

I'd say it's time to call an exterminator. Personally I'd call ten of them, just to be on the safe side!!

OP only saw 1 wasp carrying 1 spider...I don't think an exterminator is necessary just yet...

I wasn't there but it could have been a mud dauber. They are a type of waspe that usually don't attack humans unless really provoked and their number one prey are spiders...again I am not there to identify but try Google. That may help. They are a waspe and look like one but different color. I live in an area where they both live in harmony so to speak just mostly mud daubers live in areas that I would be in and they have never bothered me minus the one or two spider kills I've seen. But have never attacked. Kill it if it bothers u to sleep in the same room but an exterminator may be too hasty... Good luck!