By bestgirlfriend - 03/09/2015 23:31 - United Kingdom - Stockton-on-tees

Today, my dad made me and my boyfriend break up. Not because he was a bad influence, but because I was. FML
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If your own father thinks you're a bad influence it might be time to rethink some of your choices

What on earth did you do that made your dad think your boyfriend needed better?


It seems to me that your dad is the problem

It seems to me you don't know what you're talking about

If your own father thinks you're a bad influence it might be time to rethink some of your choices

Keep being a bad influence and date him anyway, you little rebel.

What on earth did you do that made your dad think your boyfriend needed better?

This one is hard to pick without more details.. is your dad overreacting or do you have some stuff to think about? Either way (depending on age) I say FML because your dad is interfering with -your- life. But again even that is without factoring age..

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Maybe it's time to conserve what is left of non media corrupted youth and young people. Or maybe your dads a dick. Either or.

That's a decision for your boyfriend and (maybe) his family. Your dad has no business deciding that. Frankly, he should be more concerned about how he's failed (in his mind) to raise a child that's a good influence.

You serve a valid point but I want to add something. This is all hypothetical of course but... Say OPs a misbehaving person who is rebellious and stays out late and parties and that causes them to fall behind in life (school, work, church, etc). Now, say OP's boyfriend is a good person who never parties, never stays out late and is an overachiever in the overall sense, then technically OP is the "bad influence". For all we know, OP's predilections are chugging energy drinks and back talking, maybe not necessarily the worse case scenario. . . Or maybe dad really is just a dick and didn't like the boyfriend. Follow up required here.

#7 If OP is a minor and living in her dad's house, everything she does is actually his business, and he would have every right to interfere because he is the parent. If she's an adult living in her own home, then that would be different.


I think you made a very good point! Children are generally a reflection of the morals they were taught. however. The father could've instilled good values and did his job and OP could be "one of those people" who is a "bad seed". my brother and I were raised exactly the same but he is thoughtless, selfish at times, makes poor life choices like being engaged 2 times in 12 months to two different women, does drugs, can't hold a steady job, has no work ethic, was discharged from the army for a failed PT which he failed on purpose, complains all day that he does work, and doesn't pay for anything for himself. I don't do drugs, don't have any children, never been married, im in a committed long term relationship, have my own place, drug free, work hard, and am trying to finish school. Honestly if OP is a bad influence on a good person then I applaud OPs father for saying something and clearing the bfs life of a parasite that will keep him from reaching his own goals. however if OPs father is just being over reactive then OP needs to tell him where his place is and that's not in her relationships.

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If you didn't want to break up with your boyfriend and your boyfriend doesn't think you're a bad influence and doesn't want to break up with you, then how did your dad force you to break up? This is a tough one without details...

Clearly, OP's name is bestgirlfriend, she can't be the bad influence if she's the best!

I hope you and your boyfriend are rebels and stuck together!