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I couldn't agree more 10. I don't know why people thumb down others who don't sugar coat their comments and just get straight to the point. OP just needs to stop crying and get over it.

  The_Hitdude  |  12

54-OP never said anything about having a panic attack our nervous breakdown. Nothing in the FML indicates an overreaction...THAT'S why your comments were thumbed down.

  Soloman212  |  28

No. It's suspicious that his dad would choose those movies. #2 is pointing out the obvious fact that OP's dad is a cleverly disguised shark giving proper warning.

  tellithowitis  |  13

He would not have shown op those movies if he did not want him to come back. He wanted to scare op into not going. If he didn't want op to come back, he would not have spooked him...


True, and sharks kill less people than lightning. You don't gave anything to worry about OP. Statistically, you're much more likely to die driving to where the boat is docked

  Schizomaniac  |  24

Yeah, but unfortunately in this case, sharks are so much faster than humans that they'd probably have enough time to eat all of your friends, swim 12 laps around you, take a nap, and then eat you before you had very much time to think about it.