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  oboewhore_xD  |  6

I'd give him a chance. Just sneak out and leave his mom in the theatre.

People who get the least amount of freedom normally have the most amount of fun when out.

  angels21  |  0

I do not understand, this is custom in India. we are to bring our mother to the first 15 dates and then she will decide if the girl is good to continue seeing. mother knows best.

  Elixa  |  0

That's sad that spinning in a chair is your version of a "little fun". Fun is working your way up the corporate ladder, and after that incident, the only way your going to do that, is to walk in to your bosses office say you've been a very bad girl or boy and need a spanking.

By  ShadowPunkChick  |  1

Movie dates as a first date usually suck. Too common anyway. Worse date of my life was a movie date..I ended up paying for both of our tickets, the guy didn't even ask where to pick me up, just told me to meet him there. Then I had to pay for his large drink and his large popcorn and his candy..(I didn't get anything for myself) he didn't pay for a thing. Then he tried to kiss me during the movie, his breath smelled horribly of ketchup =/..and he had the nerve to ask to do it again next weekend -_- I feel for ya. Better luck with the next guy.

  Geiko_fml  |  0

Wow. The guy actually did that to ya? I guess I'm old school or something, but I'd pay for the quite a few dates for someone I'm dating. I did that for my ex too, even though she insisted on paying. Just something I do. Can't believe he did that to ya.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Erm, why ketchup? Is that a common poocorn topping where you live?

I don't understand how you were forced to pay for his snacks. I don't mind paying for a date but, tbh, I'd expect him to pay because he asked me out. If he doesn't even offer (or at the very least offer an excuse) the date is over.

  shakethat  |  10

it's not that bad paying. u can't expect them to pay every time. 1st date is different but I always offer to at least pay for the snacks. I don't think guys should pay every single time they'll nvr wanna take u out it gets expensive.

  Jewelofagal  |  2

It's a big deal on pretty much any level and at any age, especially if it's a first date and/or if he didn't talk with her about it ahead of time so she could bow out if desired.

  bigbadtim  |  7

They could be. If it was kids, then yes, they should have supervision. So my original comment can be taken seriously. If they are legal adults, then my comment can be taken as sarcasm.