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Today, my dad vehemently refused to let me go on vacation to France with my best friend, because he watched Taken a few months ago and apparently forgot that it's just a movie. FML
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Kidnapping happens all of the time. You never know, be happy with your dad because he obviously loves you.

To be fair, my parents wouldn't have let me go to France without adult supervision when I was under 18 either.


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I guess you won't be taking that trip...

I do believe you missed the intended, and cleverly subtle, pun #23.

#1 thank you captain obvious!!

Here's someone else that didn't get the pun.

Ok, I'm lost. What's the pun?

un0m3 14

taking = "Taken" ...

If he actually said "I guess you won't be Taken that trip" then it would make sense, I don't think that was an intentional pun since he said taking, not taken.

#48 you're welcome Sergeant Sarcasm

un0m3 14

It was intentional, but I'll just be more clear next time.

Kidnapping happens all of the time. You never know, be happy with your dad because he obviously loves you.

Seriously, this happens a lot more than you'd think. At least he's being a caring father.

So true. Taken may be just a movie but it's based on things that really do happen. I think this FML depends on your age. I can understand a parent not wanting two kids under 18 to go to France by themselves (especially as females). This isn't weird at all to me. It sucks that you can't go, but I think your dad is in the right if you're under 18. Sorry.

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Well if you live you whole life being afraid of things like that, then what the hell is the point of living?

There's a pretty big difference between not living life to the fullest and being careless and foolish.

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#85 how is going on a holiday to a different country being careless and foolish?? Last time I checked, going driving has more risks of dying than being kidnapped

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if it is that persons time to go, then no one can stop it. But until that day people should live life to the fullest.

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It really has to be explained? It is careless and foolish to let underage girls go to a place they don't know far from home and unsupervised (I'm not even talking about being kidnapped, there are a lot of other bad things that could happen as well). Also, comparing this to driving isn't accurate. The real comparison would be; would you let a young teen drive immediately without supervision and/or instruction?

To be fair, my parents wouldn't have let me go to France without adult supervision when I was under 18 either.

Or over 18...

iAmPaul 49

Nothing indicates that OP is under 18. That's a fallacious assumption.

No. If she were over 18 then there would be no question of her dad "letting" her do anything. He couldn't legally stop her. Therefore, it is logical to assume she must be a minor. If she is not, then she can go on any trip she wants to pay for.


It's possible that there was adult supervision

Not unless OP lived at home. My father is very strict. "My house my rules." I am 19, but if I still lived with him and he didn't want me to go to even a party. I couldn't have went. Not because he'd threaten to kick me out of the house. But because I have respect for my parents and listen to them (most of the time).

#45 I'm all for respecting "my house, my rules", however that doesn't really apply when you want to go to a party or on a holiday, as these events have nothing to do with the house you are living in.

Hahaha. Oh yeah, they sure do. I used a party as an example, if my parents wouldn't let me go to a party at 19. They certainly could have stopped me from leaving the country. I said my parents were strict. They can stop you from doing anything. That's not exactly why I moved out. But living alone definitely has it's freedom.

Like there's a difference whether they're under or over 18?

As long as you live in your parents house, I'm guessing they still have authority to stop you from going to a different country/continent. Depending on where op lives

I understand it might've felt that way, but legally speaking, they couldn't have stopped you from doing anything. You might've been kicked out of the house, or some other family conflict could've arisen, but that's just a consequence of doing something your overly strict parents wouldn't like. You weighed your pros and cons and decided to obey; it isn't that you *couldn't* do [thing], you just chose not to for whatever reason. Similar reasoning is why when I moved back into the house for a while around 19-20, I drew up a tenant agreement and paid rent + bills so my relationship with my parents would be clear: I was their roommate, not their child, and not beholden to any rules beyond those of law and common decency.

Hostels are fun though! I mean as long as you aren't tortured and murdered.

Especially by aspiring surgeons.

You wouldn't believe what kidneys go for on the black market right now. I mean what kidney ?

All sorts of bad things r a possibility but we can't let that stop us from possibly experiencing amazing ones

We can't, but parents can.

You will go places, not France. But places.

He cares for you! Kidnapping does occur and not just in the movies.

Aww, no kidnapping for you :(

this is my favorite

It's nice to know he cares, but he should know he's causing you to miss an amazing opportunity.

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If she under 18 it's understandable. Try talking him into making a family trip all I can say. If over 18 then you don't have to listen to him if you have means just saying. Though that more of a vacationing spot anyways if going alone you might get bored. Lol granted that true for anywhere you go.

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Lol oh sry missed friend part.

kidnapping isn't all that uncommon anymore. At least you know your dad cares about you! By the way, that movie IS pretty scary.