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  Today, I had a mini heart attack as my dad stopped in the middle of the street and said, "I wonder what'd happen if I just dropped my pants right now and started jerking it in front of all these motherfuckers." FML
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  coolbeans26  |  12

Actually #18 it doesn't matter if children are around (at least in ct) if it's in public u can be labeled a sex offender. Including peeing in the woods and wardrobe malfunctions.

  nicolai44  |  12

36 - I totally get what you're saying, but I can also see that being included in the law to give officers a means to deal with people having not-so-accidental "accidents". I would imagine -- or at least hope -- that officers would have the leeway to use their discretion on legitimate accidents.

  OtakuTaco  |  15

I was making a joke, akin to calling him a magnificent bastard or something similar. Of course I don't actually condone his intentions but in theory it's almost majestic in an ironic sense.

  ABlindMan  |  17

Yep definitely, that's why Op almost had a mini heart attack when their father mentioned it. That's a clearly significant indicator that OP does that all the time in their free time.