By dad, please - 16/05/2016 05:37 - United States - Wellesley Hills

Today, I had a mini heart attack as my dad stopped in the middle of the street and said, "I wonder what'd happen if I just dropped my pants right now and started jerking it in front of all these motherfuckers." FML
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He'd likely get arrested and charged with indecent exposure. What else would he expect?

i would actually have dared him to do it


i would actually have dared him to do it

Idk man, I wouldn't be too keen to see my dad's babymaker

no one said op had to watch

I would youtube that for sure!

Why is this an fml?! Your dad lives on the razor edge of life. I wish he was one of my boiz

Dont let his dreams be dreams, encourage him to do it, fulfill his dreams!

Just DO IT!!!

I think I might have saw a guy "fulfilling his dreams" at the city bus stop the other day.

"Cmon Pops, yesterday you said 'tomorrow' ".

He'd likely get arrested and charged with indecent exposure. What else would he expect?

Everyone to join in. It's a flashing flash mob.

He could also possibly be labeled a sexual predator if there's children around.

Actually #18 it doesn't matter if children are around (at least in ct) if it's in public u can be labeled a sex offender. Including peeing in the woods and wardrobe malfunctions.

You guys are fun at parties aren't you :p

Wardrobe malfunctions seem a bit extreme. You can be listed as a sex offender for an accident? That's just a bad system.

Yeah cause not wanting others to masturbate in public makes us party poopers..

it's called having a sense of humor. you should really try to find one. they really are quite nice to have.

36 - I totally get what you're saying, but I can also see that being included in the law to give officers a means to deal with people having not-so-accidental "accidents". I would imagine -- or at least hope -- that officers would have the leeway to use their discretion on legitimate accidents.

Your dad's ballsy. Pun totally intended.

Your dad is an amazing human being.

how so? by being a creep?

I was making a joke, akin to calling him a magnificent bastard or something similar. Of course I don't actually condone his intentions but in theory it's almost majestic in an ironic sense.

Your dad has balls to do that.

Lmao when midlife crisis hits your dad xD

I expect that I'll do some pretty ridiculous things when I have my midlife crisis. Whipping it out in public probably won't be one of them. I guess time will tell...

wouldn't be surprised if you do that sometime too personality often is passed down from parent to child.

Yep definitely, that's why Op almost had a mini heart attack when their father mentioned it. That's a clearly significant indicator that OP does that all the time in their free time.

He really dosent give a damn anymore dosent he