By PixieWrists / Tuesday 13 March 2012 17:33 / United Kingdom
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  daxxbuttons  |  12

115 - You /do/ realize that there's more than one type of currency, yes? And that she's talking pounds, not dollars? So yes. Approx 180$ is about 100 of their pounds.

  nublets  |  12

To those to stupid to the the very obvious joke, read it like this: THE RAPIST. Now put those words together and what do you have? Yes thats right Therapist. Problem solved

  daxxbuttons  |  12

"dumbest" AND "rudest" Comment? Really? Not only the dumbest comment on this thread, but the one that offends the most people? Doubtful. #36 is being an ass, sure. But you're exaggerating.

By  BunBunBabe  |  8

Wow that would suck to realize that she had been repeating stupid lyrics from someone who didn't even write then on their own to begin with... Get a new therapist that one sucks and is not doing their job

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