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Today, my therapist gave me some great self-sufficiency advice. It sounded familiar. When I got home I realized she had been quoting Christina Aguilera songs. For £100 an hour. FML
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You are beautiful. No matter what they say!! You now owe me $50

1- $50 and you don't include even one shitty vocal run? I'm taking my money elsewhere.

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71- some people need an ear to pour their selves to. Not everyone has a sound mind to solve there own problems.

OP really should have realized the minute the therapist started talking about "genie's in a bottle".

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Yes, you ARE in fact a genie in a bottle.

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115 - You /do/ realize that there's more than one type of currency, yes? And that she's talking pounds, not dollars? So yes. Approx 180$ is about 100 of their pounds.

Sounds like anyone can be a therapist these days then

op should look at their Reflection and see if they're making the right choice

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You paid for some expensive songs.

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Not as expensive as on iTunes.

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Maybe he pirated some music and the therapist was an RDAA spy

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The next time, reply with some Keith Urban stuff, see if she gets the hint.

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Next time pay her with monopoly money.

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I'd quote Christina Aguilera Lyrics, but I listen to good music.

Did you smoke something which interferes with your ability, to form coherent sentences ?

Made perfect sense to me. Read it again maybe.

muzy, did you smoke something which interferes with your ability to use commas properly?

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saidawhiting, did you smoke something that interferes with your ability to not be a jerk?

redheadsaysrawr - No, I can be a jerk without the aid of any mind-altering substances.

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To those to stupid to the the very obvious joke, read it like this: THE RAPIST. Now put those words together and what do you have? Yes thats right Therapist. Problem solved

36- smoke something and you might be able to comprehend coherent sentences.

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#36 r u dumb? That has to be the dumbest and rudest comment on here. Can u not read or did u not turn on your brain today?

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"dumbest" AND "rudest" Comment? Really? Not only the dumbest comment on this thread, but the one that offends the most people? Doubtful. #36 is being an ass, sure. But you're exaggerating.

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how much is £100 in U.S. dollars. sorry im quite lazy

Don't know but I can tell you how much wow gold that is.

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I got $131.29. But that's from an app that's who knows hold old.

At the current exchange rate, one pound is about 1.6 USD, so $160.

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In the time you spent making that comment and waiting for people to answer, you could have googled this five times over. The more you know.

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Wow that would suck to realize that she had been repeating stupid lyrics from someone who didn't even write then on their own to begin with... Get a new therapist that one sucks and is not doing their job

you're right, she didn't write her own lyrics; it was her therapist.