By sarabalism - Canada
Today, I walked into Old Navy to buy myself a pair of jingle jammies. Save yourself the embarrassment: don't shake the jammies in the middle of the store to hear the jingling, because these jammies do not jingle. You'll just look like an idiot. FML
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  farhil  |  14

Would you prefer this? "Today, i was looking for a way to pay for the funeral of my late wife, but since we couldn't afford life insurance, I'm buried in debts and am screwed over for life. FML"

The site is for amusement, not to read horror stories. Don't like an fml? Move on.

By  baby_gurl2405  |  0

y the f*** would they jingle? didn't u think it through tht tht'd be shit during the night??

*jingle jingle* "omg this is annoying" *jingle jingle* "ugh" *jingle jingle* "thats it! screw pajamas!"

see how tht could majorly be an issue???