By Damm - 24/01/2009 19:05 - United States

Today, I have an autoimmune disease which causes my penis to look like a tie-dye t shirt. FML
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u would have been popular in the 60's ;)

wintamint101 7

dude... that's a blessing, do you know how easy you'll get latex?

Specterk50 0

groovy sex too...look at all the colors...ooh

ifinsane 6

That'll be so awesome when your high.

if you're gay you should donate your dick to a museum

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anything is possible if you just believe

bboy6694 4

^^You obviously never tried stapling water to a tree

WiseGirl98 5

put water into a plastic baggy, then staple the bag, duh! I thought everyone knew that. or splash water onto the tree then staple the tree, it'll have some water underneath the staple, so technically it's stabled...

haha, I hate how poorly written all of these fmls are. it's so annoying.

tbeaun 0

Might as well make the best of it & go **** a hippy chick.

redracer57 0

Thats awesome i'd pay money to see it!

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Why do so many people think that this guy deserved this:S