By pantsareathing - 13/06/2015 17:10 - Canada - Elliot Lake

Today, my dad has apparently decided that it's too much of a bother to put clothes on when he gets out of bed. He's been walking around in his tighty-whiteys for hours now. FML
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bethers_ 22

At least he's not walking around naked. It could be worse.


bethers_ 22

At least he's not walking around naked. It could be worse.

When it's your father, it can't possibly be worse.

bethers_ 22

If given the unfortunate choice, I would rather see my father in underwear than naked lol

Look at the bright side: your dad could wear thongs.

*Puts down tablet.* *Begins search for mind bleach.*

You won't be complaining after his first cook is done and the money starts flowing in.

I pray they're clean for your sake, OP. FYL

Just play "peanut butter jelly time" until he gets dressed. That song is annoying enough to get him to do anything.

MrZsDad 19

As a father of teenagers...Do you want to play a game?

Well, I can understand him if he were out in the middle of nowhere.... I mean, being in Alaska I have a different thought on it. But yeah, could be worse...

Sooo.. What's wrong with that? At least your not seeing his bits..

Exactly what I was thinking. My dad and brother wear nothing but underwear around the house all the time. It's really no big deal.

So what if it was his mother or sister wearing nothing but underwear? I suppose that would be ok as well?

tantanpanda 26

^sure, it's family; no need to make it a big deal. You're the one making it awkward, not the family member. like if you meet your ex. It's only as awkward as you make it out to be.

if you don't like it, move out. I think that is his thought process