By Anonymous - 16/04/2012 04:03 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, my dad came to pick me up. It would have been nicer if he'd had his clothes on. FML
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Nude taxi service!

hopefully he wasn't picking you up from school


Was he at least wearing a choufer hat?

He was just proud of his junk and wanted to show the world how hung he is xD

FMLs like this leave too many questions to be answered.

So does life ?

Aww daddy was doin the classic No-Pants Dance. Close your eyes OP. Its not safe anymore.

4 comments and no one mentioned you spell it chauffeur?

Exactly my thought!

Nude taxi service!

Yeah call 555-NUDE for taxi service lol

Don't forget 1-800 first lol

UBER's cousin NUDER? Nah but jokes aside FYL OP, hope no one noticed.

Nudism is the new cool thing ;p

I hope not. The sight of sweating obese people in the sun does not sound cool....

But the sight of sweating non-obese people does?

You just said the exact opposite of what I said....

You guys shouldn't be mean. OPs father is a really nice person, he even gave someone the cloths off his back.

Parents can be so unpredictable

I wish my parents were that cool... Wait

Yeah but that's an odd punishment.

hopefully he wasn't picking you up from school

Lol did he just forget or was he trolling

Forget his clothes? Really?

He was probably drunk...


Is all caps really neccessary?

Necessary? Is it necessary to drink my own urine?

No. But I do anyway, cause it's sterile and I like the taste.

I apologize if I misspelled necessary/neccessary. But yes, it is quite necessary/neccessary to drink your own urine if you are about to die of thirst. The more you know :)

Bear Grylls has a FML profile?

Comments 36 and 37 are a reference to the movie "dodgeball: a true underdog story" with Vince Vaughn, rip torn and Ben stiller!! Hilarious! Lmao :D

Be a nudist is in style didn't ya know?