By sadbuttru95 - 13/06/2015 21:20 - Denmark - Slagelse

Today, I turned on an old radio I haven't used for a long time and a pack of very small spiders came rushing out of the speakers when I turned up the volume. Guess they didn't like the groove. FML
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sadbuttru95 tells us more.

OP here, the radio was, thankfully, in one of our sheds and I have now thrown it far, far away

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Burn your house down and leave the state.

That's what nightmares are made of


How could you predict that was going to happen!

A cluster of spiders.

That's what nightmares are made of

Kill them...if that were me I wouldn't even use that radio again (but that's just me I'm a pussy like that). But seriously how long has it been since you used it that spiders have come out?

Burn your house down and leave the state.

Better yet, leave the whole fucking planet

*leaves earth* *lands on planet inhabited by spiders the size of elephants and cows* ... Fuck.

He lives in Denmark, there aren't any states there.

Were you playing Daquan's new mixtape? Because they might have caught in fire causing them to rush out.

Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

incy wincy spider hiding for too long on turned the music but they hated the song

I imagined the spiders streaming out of the speakers similarly to the scene in the Lion King where Mufasa dies.

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Long live the King!