By Anonymous - 18/02/2012 06:22 - United States

Today, a hobo threw up on my car while at a red light. He then asked me for money. FML
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BLARGH! Spare change sir?

iamray 2

seems like a fair trade to me.


iamray 2

seems like a fair trade to me.

#1 - What the hell would you do with a bunch of vomit?

I think he was being sarcastic...

Op needs to ask his insurance company if they cover hobo vomit.

ieatcats 0

ydi shouldn't of stopped at a red light

27- ydi you didn't use have instead of "of".

DeboDaGreat 3

Well... Did u give him any...?

#27, break the law often?

JurassicHole 5

OP, what did you expect? You can't just get such a grand servicing of your car like that, without paying.

BLARGH! Spare change sir?

msl1333 4

Well seriously how to expect him to get rid of his hangover if you don't give him money for more booze?

DancinChikk 0

Omg tht is so discusting! I would have flipped out if it were my car.

mama2b3 20

He was giving you something in return for your money...

apparently a lot of people think you deserved it. i don't know how though

nevermind -.- when i looked at it, my phone said 19 "your life sucks" and 36 "YDI" oh well

Hobos are so polite these days.

Ha ha, you are so right! :)

Don't touch the vomit! It'll turn you into a crazy hobo! But seriously, you should take his money and get your car cleaned. That's just down right disgusting. I would've kicked his ass if he did that to me.

The hobo asked OP for money. He didn't give OP any money.

mama2b3 20

Also you should never try to take on a hobo, especially if he's got a shotgun..

The poor hobo was sick enough to vomit in OP's car and had to ask for money. Don't you think the man would have been humiliated enough? Why add a bashing to his already sad life? You dick worm.

maxmex13 7

13 - Challenge Accepted

9- I doubt very much he has money. What with him being a hobo that has to beg for spare change and all.

MickGold 8

Or, why don't they just make the hobo wash their car? Taking his money, that's a little harsh. The situation sucks, yes, but no need to humiliate the poor man any more.

I don't know where y'all are from but the homeless where I live are crazy drug addicts. I don't give any money to them because I know they make more sitting out there in one day than I do. Here they don't want you to give them food, they want to buy alcohol. I'm not saying all of them are dishonest but a hell of a lot of them down here are. Yes times are tough, I don't make enough to support giving money to every homeless guy I see. A lot of them get aggressive if you ask them to get off the property and get all up in airs when you won't let them in when there are PAYING guests who come into the hotel I work at. So, I really don't have sympathy for them. I would kick a guy's ass for vomiting on my car. In OP's situation, I honestly would've kicked his ass because I can't stand vomit in any forms. I don't care if it's alcohol related or not. Vomit away from my car, not on it.

Definitely. Knives too.

10, Re-read my post. I said that OP should take money from the hobo to clean his car off, he might be begging for money but someone else probably gave him some.

Groucho_fml 5

I feel sorry for the bum... :( spare some change OP.. it's hard times and no fun to be that sick :( he's a human too, yknow

Homeless shelter.

You don't give money to a hobo.. You offer to buy them food. Why? Because 99% of the time they leave you alone after that cus they really just want money for drugs.

He was probably drunk and/or high... Which is, in its self, quite sad. :(

jerseyboy732 16

atleast make the man work for it by cleaning off the puke

That's cute. Hobo antics = Unusual but generally entertaining to watch.

Not when they puke in your car

OP could easily have his car washed. It may not have been amusing for him, but for somebody else who may have witnessed what happened.... It was probably a little humorous. I know that my reaction would've been something along the lines of either "LMFAO. Poor hobo." or "HEH that guys car just got puked on. I hope it doesn't get anywhere near me." Bottom line, I'd be laughing if I saw that.

Hope you washed the stomach acid off before it ate through the paint