By anon_1996 - 08/05/2013 16:59 - United Kingdom - Haslemere

Today, my boss asked me to read through a document. I gave my feedback, saying it seemed like it had been written by an 8-year-old. Turns out it was in fact written by him. FML
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MagicGiraffe 12

You're supposed to give constructive criticism, not be a d-bag about it...

Don't expect that honesty to earn you a promotion anytime soon OP...


Don't expect that honesty to earn you a promotion anytime soon OP...

Why would OP want to be promoted though? If his boss has the skills of a 4th grader, then there'd be no meaning to that accomplishment.

The difference in income means something though.

Truth is a virtue. At least you were honest. If it was that bad he wouldn't want it to go out to the public.

OP deserved it. He could have found a better way to word his opinion while keeping his honesty.

fourth grades r, on average, 10 yrs old

Probably too late but OP could suggest that the standard of writing is ideal if the company want to target non English speaking markets.

PleaseStayChill 9

Well if he's an idiot, he needs to know he's an idiot. Ignorance is certainly NOT bliss.

anyone can write poorly, it doesn't necessarily make them an idiot

12 - To be fair, there's a difference between writing poorly and writing at the level of an eight year old.

Or OP could have just edited the mistakes in the document, and handed it back to the boss with their mouth shut. Win win.

19, There are different kinds of 8 years old. Some people (nowadays they're rare, but still) learn to read at 3, read a lot, and by the age of 8 have decent intuitive understanding of grammar rules.

The phrase 'ignorance is bliss' is not used in this context, it's more of like when people say 'what you don't know can't hurt you', not used to describe idiots.

59 - I said at the level of an eight year old. An eight year old like one you described is above that level by virtue of reading/writing ability, not limited to it just because they're eight.

AbstraktThoughts 13

I guess you should start looking for a new job!

That's probably not true. Yes, his boss might get pissed, but I have a feeling he won't fire the guy. Plus OP probably apologized right away once he knew it was his bosses.

MagicGiraffe 12

You're supposed to give constructive criticism, not be a d-bag about it...

Honesty can can be a douche. Unless its a girl, then its douchette.

I don't get what your talking about, a douche is a girl thing to begin with

Contructive criticism is always the safest way to go, to avoid mayhem, like me.

But the best way to go is in your sleep.

rg350dx 29

I'm your boss's document he asked you to review. I'm full of incomplete sentences, grammer misteaks, and run-on sentences. Clearly, I can't be written by the person who supervises you and makes more money than you. You should totally insult my composition and the person who wrote it. If you've got cut rate intelligence you could be dealing with this mess yourself. Avoid mayhem like me and save face by switching to constructive criticism.

perdix 29

#7, according to Ovid, the safest way to go is through the middle (between Scylla and Charybdis.)

23- *grammar mistakes ... I couldn't help it.

Kuhu1993 21

Well you were just being honest, so it isn't really your fault. Even though honestly is the best policy but you never know how this one will work out for you. Hope for the best.

He wasn't being honest, he was being a bitch. When you're asked to review a text, review the damn text, not the person who wrote it. In that situation, that's a golden rule. It's very easy to state your opinion without insulting anyone. OP definitely deserved that one in my opinion.

xcam1995 6

He didn't review the person who wrote about. He simply stated that it was written at an 8th grade level. Which is not that bad actually, it's only 4 years from College.

Except he didn't say eight grade level. He said it was like an eight year old wrote it. Different things.

Sounds like the boss' FML "I was confident about my document so I asked a co worker to read it, he said it sounded like an 8 year old wrote it, FML" lol

jstorie95 8

He wanted an opinion and you gave him one

Well try to explain to him that it was your feedback. Also you could offer to help him. Well OP I hope you don't get like demoted or anything.