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By Anonymous - 27/08/2009 23:49 - United States

Today, while driving, I realized I had left my phone on top of my car when I was getting in. Panicking, I drove back to look for it. I found it in the middle of the street, still intact. Yay! When I went back to my car, I noticed I had locked my door, and the keys were in the ignition. FML
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Leptailurus 0

This is why you never... EVER... leave the keys in the ignition when you get out of the car.

Who the **** puts their phone on top of their car when they're getting in? Don't most people have it in their pocket or in their bag?


Leptailurus 0

This is why you never... EVER... leave the keys in the ignition when you get out of the car.

I bet you're the guy who always call the "I told ya" that nobody likes to hear.. the OP was clearly absorbed by her cellphone lying in the middle of the road

American cars are stupid. Why the hell do they allow you to lock your keys inside?

the_stereotype 0

yeah, my car doesn't open the backseat doors if the car is still on, and yes, i live in the US. anyway, the locking keys in the far as i know, your car can't detect when you're in or out of the car, so it's like locking the doors while driving...which is a pretty safe thing to do.

But usually the doors don't lock until you reach a certain speed... and I thought most cars won't lock if the key is still in the ignition. That's how my car is, and I thought it was pretty standard.

dmmcintyre3 8

Most newer cars won't lock with the button with the keys in the ignition and the door open. If the door is closed they still lock. If you don't use the button and manually lock the door or don't have power locks, it will lock with the door open and the keys in the ignition. Also, some cars don't auto lock when you hit a certain speed, like my mom's Nissan minivan or any car without power locks.

Stiggy626 25

yeah it kinda all depends on how old the car is. I have a '14 now and it's pretty hard to do that since you have to press the lock button twice if you don't use the fob. I had a '95 with manual locks tho and food it a good few times haha never running tho

tick_tock 0

That really sucks. I can't tell you how many times I've almost locked myself out. Well, you submitted an FML, so I imagine you got home okay and at least you had a phone to call AAA.

the same thing happened to me last week, I put my cell on top of my car at a resturaunt and forgot about it, drove away, and didn't realize until I drove home 30 miles away...

Why do you put things on top of your car?!

foxkl 0

atleast you had your phone to call someone for help, that's not a fyl or a ydi, it's even.


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CryingHowls 0

by the time you have finished reading this, you will have wasted 10 seconds of ur life that is how i feel about reading this fml.

Energy_Drink 0

Well,at least you can call somebody...

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