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By  hrv_143  |  3

Sorry OP, but some people only consider blood relatives family. At least you have two kids to love and cherish. It's honestly her loss if she can't see you child as a grandchild.

By  rgetting  |  24

#20. My wife's is horrible. Mine is a wonderful human being. I'm so fortunate to have her for a mother in law. My wife's mother in law would say something like that.

  JustTheTruth42  |  13

Wouldn't be easier to say your mother is a bitch instead of saying your wife's mother I'm law? Unless she's just that bad where you don't want to admit she's your mom? In that case I know how you feel.

By  KiraK_320  |  20

Lighten up OP, you can't force your mother-in-law to love your other son. But, if she's going to do that asshole thing where she covets your son with your husband while ignoring the other child (buying her "real" grandson things, but not buying things for your son, or taking the "real" grandchild on fun trips but leaving your son at home, etc.) then keep BOTH your sons away from her. My actual blood-related grandmother did that shit with my older sister and I, because she was the favorite grandchild. She would take my sister out everywhere and leave me at home every time; she'd buy my sister better presents at Christmas than me-- she'd even buy my sister presents on MY birthday at my birthday party, and give them to her in front of me. That doesn't feel very nice, so don't let her do that sort of thing to your son! >:(


Not to mention, that kind of behavior often makes the "favorite" feel uncomfortable. That child knows the other resents him/her, and is being put in a position he/she doesn't want to be in.

I was never blatantly favorited but there were times that, being the oldest, I got to do things my other two sisters couldn't. It made me uncomfortable because I knew they'd be jealous, and sometimes I wanted them there anyway. It's not only bad for the not-favorite(s), it's bad for the favorite too.


My grandma loved my brother and hated me. She lived in our house and once I went into her room to tell her happy birthday and I was very young and too short to reach the door handle (the door had been open when I walked in) and she left the room and shut the door on me, and because I was too short to reach the handle she might as well have locked the door because I couldn't get out. She did all sorts of other shit to me but that one sticks out the most to me. Some grandmothers don't deserve that title.