By Anonymous - 27/11/2011 11:46 - Denmark

Today, I caught my mother trying to text on her iPhone, with her nipple. FML
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Capt_Oblivious 10

If you only knew what I used to type this comment.



ohwellwhyme 2

Silly mommy.

GraveRobber14 13

Trix are for kids?

Just imagine if she hit the FaceTime button by accident.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Kinky ;)

Well that's um......different?

This would of been so hot if it was your girlfriend

bentleyGCspeed 0

She was just trying to sext with her boyfriend! Come on there is nothing awkward about that...

35- yes because she's not at home she's in public texting with her nipple, iMessage uses Internet also who's to say she wasn't I messaging?

kevalanwilliams 0

Talk about sexting

Alwayspullout 7

35, there are ways around that... I can FaceTime on 3G with mine...

Now you won't be surprised if your dad is gonna use his dick to slide to answer a phone call

n_epic_fail 14

That NOT normal, well explains why texting takes so much time...

Agh!' your making me wanna try this shit!!

JinxosGirl87 0

I tried it, but I kept pressing the damn "return" button -.-

alexnumber14 2

Big nipples baby?

Pics or it didn't happen

I wonder what daddy uses to reply...

Is she a fast typer?

chazzlerazzle 0

Pics or it didn't happen

Princessx3Jamie 0


babyyninjas 1

your a retard because it said iPhone not iPod touch -_-

#43- Yeah ...different aaaannd scarring!!!

15 - *tits are for kids*

raney150 0

35, they got rid of that limitation in ios 5. And if they didn't have iOS 5, she might have been connected to wifi at home.

She just gave a new definition to "sexting."

I'm so gonna try it

JustOhSoLovely 6

I've done that. It works lol

I bet it was... Hard

It would have been easier if she was trying with both nipples :)

xosportsgirl14x 8

Not really.

I'm just kidding :D

me_gusta_eso 1

She was "sexting". New definition for it now (':

missamazinggg 12

You're stupid.

How would it be easier? The surface area of an iPhone screen is small in comparison.

Pufferfish78 5

That'd be some talent if she could. But weird too.

Rapt0rJesus 0

The moron spoke.

Better than dad with his.....

I'm liking this only for you're picture

wats a little nudity among family?

asoptavlo14 6


Not in Kentucky.

im just waiting for the "wincest" comments to come alive again..

ImFrackinBored 13

Incest •_•

Maybe she was trying out a nursing app?

Only in the south

Just pointing out that the OP is from Denmark, not the USA...

tankadin37 0

That is just funny. Awkward, but very funny.

No, thats just not right! Poor OP

I wouldn't feel the same if I received a text message from my mom anymore.

Omg, I'm trying it now and it works!!! Lol

ninjabird1 0

After reading this, I'll bet that someone else tried it! Haha!

Brett121 6

Your a freak if you tried it!

I tried it... But just think about it this way. At least it wasn't YOUR iPhone.

EvilCupcake8361 9

iNipple ?

I'll try it. Saaz Huh. My nipple wrote "Saaz".

Whats wrong with that? I do it all the time! :)

jackgoldstein 5

AW yea

Is it hard???(:

Do you have any pictures to prove it?

Ahaha I do it too!

All you guys are fags! GTFU! I feel bad for all of you.

Muslimgal92 0

Attention hoe

Haters gonna hate.

Don't call people fags. I wouldn't say that if i was you, your little photo pose tells it all.

Blackmail111 9

Looking at your comment and avatar made me have a mental image and it was a good mental image

133 - you got that right ;)

Can I watch?

She was trying to take a nude.

Take a nude? How do you do that?

HerpaderpMeg 12

take a nude picture :) ie, sexting

HerpaderpMeg 12

take a nude picture :) ie, sexting

ikickgingers 15

You're as useless as tits on a nun.

Capt_Oblivious 10

If you only knew what I used to type this comment.

Your bellybutton?

8 - pics, or it was just your fingers.

23Lollipop15 2

Your fingers? Lol

ew. that was scarring just saying that

Jwkfgdkf I kfmicudd this isn't working.... I cannot succeed with my large Elbow...

Not that hard ;)

mason_sweat 0

I typed this with my nose, thank you autocorrect!

I typed this comment with my nipple

I bet you're scarred for life...

I am from your profile picture..

You are one to talk :o

I've read a lot of things on but this is in the top 5 of weirdest things I've heard a person do

"FML’s goal is to provide quality, cost-effective, on-time information management solutions to a variety of commercial businesses, organizations, and government agencies." I think you mean

Hah at least it wasn't YOUR iphone

Epikouros 31

Sorry OP, you're not her little baby anymore. The iPhone took your place.

KRS_13 0

So your either saying that she's trying to breast feed the iPhone.. Or your simply stating she likes technology a tad bit too much.. I'm gonna go with breast feeding the iPhone.

125- I didn't think that much thinking was involved in reading a comment...