By Anonymous - 27/11/2011 11:46 - Denmark

Today, I caught my mother trying to text on her iPhone, with her nipple. FML
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If you only knew what I used to type this comment.



Trix are for kids?

Just imagine if she hit the FaceTime button by accident.

Well that's um......different?

This would of been so hot if it was your girlfriend

She was just trying to sext with her boyfriend! Come on there is nothing awkward about that...

35- yes because she's not at home she's in public texting with her nipple, iMessage uses Internet also who's to say she wasn't I messaging?

Talk about sexting

35, there are ways around that... I can FaceTime on 3G with mine...

Now you won't be surprised if your dad is gonna use his dick to slide to answer a phone call

That NOT normal, well explains why texting takes so much time...

Agh!' your making me wanna try this shit!!

I tried it, but I kept pressing the damn "return" button -.-

Big nipples baby?

Pics or it didn't happen

I wonder what daddy uses to reply...

Is she a fast typer?

Pics or it didn't happen

your a retard because it said iPhone not iPod touch -_-

#43- Yeah ...different aaaannd scarring!!!

15 - *tits are for kids*

35, they got rid of that limitation in ios 5. And if they didn't have iOS 5, she might have been connected to wifi at home.

She just gave a new definition to "sexting."

I'm so gonna try it

I've done that. It works lol

I bet it was... Hard

It would have been easier if she was trying with both nipples :)

I'm just kidding :D

She was "sexting". New definition for it now (':

You're stupid.

How would it be easier? The surface area of an iPhone screen is small in comparison.

That'd be some talent if she could. But weird too.

The moron spoke.

Better than dad with his.....

I'm liking this only for you're picture

wats a little nudity among family?

Not in Kentucky.

im just waiting for the "wincest" comments to come alive again..

Maybe she was trying out a nursing app?

Only in the south

Just pointing out that the OP is from Denmark, not the USA...

That is just funny. Awkward, but very funny.

No, thats just not right! Poor OP

I wouldn't feel the same if I received a text message from my mom anymore.

Omg, I'm trying it now and it works!!! Lol

After reading this, I'll bet that someone else tried it! Haha!

Your a freak if you tried it!

I tried it... But just think about it this way. At least it wasn't YOUR iPhone.

I'll try it. Saaz Huh. My nipple wrote "Saaz".

Whats wrong with that? I do it all the time! :)

Is it hard???(:

Do you have any pictures to prove it?

Ahaha I do it too!

All you guys are fags! GTFU! I feel bad for all of you.

Attention hoe

Haters gonna hate.

Don't call people fags. I wouldn't say that if i was you, your little photo pose tells it all.

Looking at your comment and avatar made me have a mental image and it was a good mental image

133 - you got that right ;)

Can I watch?

She was trying to take a nude.

Take a nude? How do you do that?

take a nude picture :) ie, sexting

take a nude picture :) ie, sexting

You're as useless as tits on a nun.

If you only knew what I used to type this comment.

Your bellybutton?

8 - pics, or it was just your fingers.

Your fingers? Lol

ew. that was scarring just saying that

Jwkfgdkf I kfmicudd this isn't working.... I cannot succeed with my large Elbow...

Not that hard ;)

I typed this with my nose, thank you autocorrect!

I typed this comment with my nipple

I bet you're scarred for life...

I am from your profile picture..

You are one to talk :o

I've read a lot of things on but this is in the top 5 of weirdest things I've heard a person do

"FML’s goal is to provide quality, cost-effective, on-time information management solutions to a variety of commercial businesses, organizations, and government agencies." I think you mean

Hah at least it wasn't YOUR iphone

Sorry OP, you're not her little baby anymore. The iPhone took your place.

So your either saying that she's trying to breast feed the iPhone.. Or your simply stating she likes technology a tad bit too much.. I'm gonna go with breast feeding the iPhone.

125- I didn't think that much thinking was involved in reading a comment...