By Anonymous - 15/06/2014 21:29 - United States - Toledo

Today, I went to a Father's Day lunch with my dad and his fiancée. He suddenly began to describe, in detail, the vasectomy he'd just had, and that I shouldn't be expecting any new siblings any time soon. Thanks for the mental image, Dad. FML
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Well that's one way to break the ice also how could anyone deserve this?


Well that's one way to break the ice also how could anyone deserve this?

I believe many people press the wrong button by accident, dear.

He was just trying to get the ball rolling in my opinion.

Wasn't there an FML similar to this?

On the bright side. No matter how "deep" things may get from here on out, no one has to worry about surprises. Happy Father's Day!!!!

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enough with these ******* puns

Demig0d6 14

Cum on guys... It's serious stuff

Such a good subject to talk about while eating.

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Especially if they were eating 'Rocky mountain oysters'. .

Amanyyyyyy 29

Your dad sure knows how to start a conversation!

well i think that's good information to know :p

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I bet that was an awkward Father's Day.

maybe if you try my little pony pornography youll forget it.

Nyarlothatep 12

Don't even suggest bringing poor little Fluttershy into this!

Princess Celestia would frown upon that comment, 11.

#14 It disturbs me that you know the name of a my little pony; however, I am much more disturbed that there is actual MLP **** out there. :/

Rule 34 after all. I saw a picture of two sandwiches doing the deed.