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Today, my crush kissed me for the first time. However, my hair was falling into my face and getting in the way. No problem, I wear a wig so without thinking, I simply removed it. I don't think he'll kiss me again anytime soon. FML
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I wish I could see the look on his face when he saw you take your hair off casually

Why wouldn't he? That's kind of childish.


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For all you know op has cancer and the treatment made her lose her hair, and she wants to look like a normal girl.

I think that's pretty insensitive. We don't know why OP wears it.

7 are you saying girls with no hair aren't "normal"? everybody is normal in their own way.

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#12, I highly doubt they were trying to be insensitive and say she wasn't normal. Most people with hair-loss issues say they want to look "normal." As for you, #1, how dare you tell someone they deserve something embarrassing to happen to them for wearing a wig? She could be suffering/recovering from an illness or just prefer her appearance altered! Shame on you. And to you, OP, I hope you get the chance to talk things through! If not, he's not worth it if he can't get over something so superficial and I wish you the best of luck with future relationships. :)

12, Bald girls are a VERY unusual sight, and many people do not find lack of hair (on a girl) attractive. On other hand, some other people have a "bald girl" fetish, so to each its own, I guess. "everybody is normal in their own way" Keep dreaming. If you behave too unusually or dress too strangely in public place (and outside of your own property), then the police(or psychiatrists) will take care of you.

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#7 - you shouldn't ever fake who you are. We all have unfortunate events happen to us, lying about your identity is in NO way a valid route to take in any case.

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So are you saying a cancer patient would deserve it if this happened to her? What if she had cancer? She will deserve it???? People can't help the problems their body endures? She probably wears a wig because people like you will just harass her otherwise. Way to go!

#34: Oh, please. What utter bullshit. If a person feels more comfortable wearing a wig, then what's the problem? They are hardly "lying about their identity". We live in a very superficial society and if a person feels more comfortable altering their appearance to fit in or feel more confident, then who are you to judge them or call them fake? I very much doubt you leave the house looking the way you do when you first roll out of bed.

34, "Who you are" is not set in stone. BY your own will, you can change your own looks, habits and even personality if you try hard enough, but that'll take time (it takes a month to form a habit) and effort. There's no "real you".

Uh, there are also many people who are abnormal in their own way.

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#1 is the arrogant douchebag who's probably completely baffled as to why he still sleeps alone at night.

Some people even wear wigs just for fun, #1 it's terrible that you think OP deserved it because of a wig!

True, but if she lost her hair for some reason, cancer being a possibility, and it makes her feel good wearing a wig why shouldn't she? I wouldn't feel myself if I lost my hair... If the guy doesn't see that then he is not worth it. sorry, OP...

Why wouldn't he? That's kind of childish.

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Pretty hairy situation if you ask me. He might not make the cut if he's so tangled about your hair.

I understand his initial shock to the situation, but sooner or later I think OP's crush will move past it, as long as he is mature enough to do so.

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If the crush can't accept OP for who she is, he's not fit for her.

Hair wig-o again with the hair puns. Just weave 'em out will you!

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More info is needed. Do you wear a wig because of cancer , or are you just losing your hair, or is it just for a different style??? Also what's your age ? That plays a big part in the Fml.

#69 Don't forget success, that part's important.

Why does it play a part? What's wrong with people wearing it for fashion? It's how they were initially were used and she shouldn't be thought of as any less of a person for wearing one. Fashion or illness. (I've worn wigs for fashion and illness, my job-hair is brown)

108, I'm sorry, I had to read 64's comment a couple of times before it made sense!

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That's because you're not smart enough to understand puns. #118

I think you misunderstood what 105 was saying. he wasnt saying that wearing the wig for fashion plays a part in a relationship, he was saying that the reason she was wearing it is important information to include in the FML.

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Sorry OP. but if he's really into you for YOU, that superficial kind of stuff shouldn't matter. Good luck.

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If he really cares a wig will be the last thing on his mind.

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Unfortunately, in this society, hair is not a superficial thing. Most women go through great lengths to appear to have long/lustrous hair because that's what they believe makes them appear more attractive (to men). Men buy into the stereotype as well, so it's a never ending cycle. OPs crush may be superficial, but so is the society she lives in.

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This FML speaks volumes to me. I wear a wig because of a medical condition. When I told my now boyfriend, he said that he doesn't care; "if I only loved you for your hair, I would have dated Cousin It. You are beautiful and that'll always be true." Now you see why he's my boyfriend? Haha. Don't worry OP, the one who matters won't mind.

#65 By your definition she also falls into the stereotypes and wears a wig. I know that - way too often - there are medical reasons for hair loss, my own sister went through chemo... It's rough to go through that and besides dealing with a debilitating illness you're also confronted with the stares of strangers. Not everybody has the stomach to run about with only a few spots of hair left.

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#81- That was a very sweet response from your boyfriend. Good for him for being such a kind, mature, and caring person, and good for you for having him in your life! I too have several medical problems, one of which required a life-saving surgery that left me with a jagged scar from hip to hip. I have always been very self-conscious about how it looks and I was worried that no man would ever find me attractive because of it. But when I showed my now husband my scar for the very first time early on in our relationship, he looked me in the eyes, took one of my hands in his, used his other hand to wipe away my tears, then he caressed my scar gently, and said, "This scar is one of the most beautiful parts of your entire body. It shows that you are a strong woman. It shows just how hard your fight to live was and is. It proves that no matter what struggles we may face in our future you will be just as determined as I will be to conquer them together." Those were the most beautiful words anyone has ever spoken to me. And there is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for bringing such a wonderful life meet into my life.

#129 I normally only comment on here to be a smartarse, but that is really beautiful and good on you and your husband :)

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Thank you, mbuck87. I appreciate your kind words. :)

I wish I could see the look on his face when he saw you take your hair off casually

Simply brushing your hair out of the way would have worked OP.

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Sure, if that's what your use to. Or you could simply take your wig off if that's what you're use to.

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i care, cakeboy, looks like you're in the wrong on that one

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#123, if that's what his face looks like I would think he'd be pretty understanding about her wig.

Sorry, OP :( at least you showed him the real you. If he's worth it, he'll come back. But if not, then he doesn't deserve you. Just make sure you give him some space and don't automatically assume he doesn't like you, people need time to process those things.

I used to have to wear a wig when I was really sick. I tried to hide that it wasn't my real hair, I even lied to some of my friends. Once, my wig fell off when I was bike riding with my crush. He was so freaked out he just left. But the next day he called me and apologized. We are still good friends to this day, and now that my hair has come back, I still learned from that to own it! If I have to wear a wig again I will never try to hide it. The things you learn from being sick:P

Sorry that happened OP, but if he really likes you for who you are it shouldn't be too much of a problem :)

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The way people are today that's hard too find

If he's that shallow, he's not worth it. Move on and find a guy who appreciates you for you. Good Luck OP

What a shallow douche. If you were pretty with the wig you're pretty without it.

True, there's plenty of famous or foreign women that shave their heads and they look beautifully exotic... and they do it on purpose! Check out the army chick from World War Z. That could be you :)

Yeah try and tell me you guys wouldn't be freaked out if you we're kissing a girl and she just nonchalantly pulled her hair off.

If I knew it was a wig I wouldn't. I'd be shocked that she just took her hair off, but I'd still like her.

44- You wouldn't be even the least bit surprised initially?

I'll tell you exactly that, no trying necessary. I would be initially surprised but I'd get over it after the surprise of it. Certainly not freaked out.

I'd be a little freaked out at first, but then as soon as I realised what was happening I'd calm down as to be honest it's not a big deal. Some people wear wigs, and while it's not always obvious so it may come as a surprise, it's really not something to dump a person over.

I'll have you know an ex of mine had a wig, and when I found out nothing changed, and No, I was not freaked out.

Hopefully she didn't become an ex because of that!

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As douchey as it sounds I would be a bit freaked out too if a girl removed her hair when I kissed her.