By okeythen - 30/06/2013 05:03 - United States - Orlando

Today, I heard my husband telling his friend that I used to be a skank and was "easier than 1 plus 1" when we first met. I was still a virgin when we got married. FML
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Druu 53

He's sleeping on the couch tonight. Foregone conclusion. Easier than 1+1.

Wizardo 33

Seems like he was trying to act like a big boy in front of his friends, tell his mother and then see what happens, prick.


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CammyGal 26

It's not that easy to just "dump" someone when they're your spouse.

#1- If you dumped someone from your life whenever they said something stupid or arrogant, you would have no friends. But have a stern word with him OP!

You know, FML staff should just copy and paste this response to every single relationship FML because this is always the #1 answer.

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53 - Or they could add it to the list of banned comments (such as "first" or "this isn't an FML"), for the sake of those of us who are well and truly sick of this response to each and every rough patch couples run into.

65, Look at the fml above this. Is that not an fml where it would work?

#73, yes! Assuming you realise that #68 was referring to the previous FML, and was saying that a woman lying about birth control to trick the other OP into being parent is divorce-worthy.

This incident alone probably isn't enough to warrant a divorce, but I can't imagine that a man who speaks about his wife in such a way has any respect for her or treats her well. My ex husband used to tell his friends lies about me too. He'd say that I cheated on him, which I hadn't, so that they'd have sympathy for him and not rat him out about his numerous girlfriends. In the end, though, they saw him for the lying asshole he was and turned their backs on him, and, needless to say, so did I. The behavior of OP's husband is likely a manifestation of a deeper problem in his heart and in their marriage. I think divorce is something OP should consider. She may find that she's much happier without her husband. I also don't doubt that if she does decide to divorce him that she'll be able to find a new husband who treats her better and shows her respect.

You deserve it OP for not having sex until you got married, thats kinda sad.

Druu 53

He's sleeping on the couch tonight. Foregone conclusion. Easier than 1+1.

I don't know about you, but I love sleeping on my couch... X3

GoodLookingGeese 10

Maybe this math is way too hard for him. Once I saw my employee adding 4+8 in google. When I confronted him about it, he said he just wanted to make sure. I lost my faith in humanity.

Druu 53

Faith in humanity is unjustified.

chezgigi 7

For goodness' sake, why? Sometimes, I can't remember my own telephone number, much less basic math-

tjv3 10

Wow talk about a total lack of respect for you.

86 - So your phone number is more important than knowing the basic concepts of math?

i see a divorce in the future

euphoricness 28

And now I see why divorce rates are so high, if you really think this is a valid reason to foresee a divorce

MzZombicidal 36

I see lonely years in your future.

This isn't a reason for a divorce, ya know, just a long talk.

#4 may not be far off. With out more info I couldn't say if this was just a stupid & thoughtless comment or a continuation of deeper abuse. For all we know he makes comments like about his wife all the time, maybe even to het face. I find the fact that he would demean her in such a manner concerning. Without more information about how he normally treats her or talks about her to other people I can't really say.

TheRandomIndian 17

I see less sex in his near future.

SkyGuy32 17

That ALONE isn't reason for divorce. If that is what OP's husband is normally like, then after a while it could stack up against him.

He's a douche for saying something like that about his wife!

timmy257 8

Men will be men.

The comments someone makes has no relevance to their gender, and to write it off as "men will be men" or "boys will be boys" just gives a free pass to poor behaviour and abuse for which there should be no excuse. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, and gender never excuses that responsibility.

JoeGrant 12

Confront him. That's messed up!

expertsmilee 26

1 + 1 = 1 on a bun

expertsmilee 26

Ed, edd, and eddy

Wizardo 33

Seems like he was trying to act like a big boy in front of his friends, tell his mother and then see what happens, prick.

Druu 53

That doesn't play well into the male conquest storyline that seems so popular with men though - "oh yeah, I got with the easy chick!"

OhDearBetrayal 25

Maybe his friend said something along the lines of she's attractive and the husband thought that to lower her appeal he would say that she was easy?

Wizardo 33

#34, that is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a while, if he wanted his friend to lean off his wife then he would tell him straight up and threaten to deck him next time he said anything like that, not by demeaning and slagging off his wife. Seriously wth.

Maybe he was trying to infer that out of the imaginary men OP has been with that he was the one she stayed with, thus inferring that he must have a large penis and/or he is quite skilled in sex.

How would convincing his friends he married an easy ***** make him look big to his friends? If one of my friends told me his wife was a ***** I would first off look down on him for talking about his wife that way, them for marrying someone like that.

Nolimit2217 32

How can husbands talk about their wives that way?! Sorry Op..

flashback.miss 28

Then you gave the math problem; him-two testicles, right? Sounds like you married an immature douchebag who apparently is low enough to slander his wife's name to feel powerful. My condolences.

jw90 18

What an ass.

Me too, I do butt flexes on my leg day.

MzZombicidal 36

I'm not an ass, I'm a horse!

deepunder 17

I'm not an ass, I'm a donkey. I can move for a long time unlike a horse! Horses can run 60mph, I can walk 60 miles.

MzZombicidal 36

#110, a donkey is also referred to as an ass. :|