By BimmerDriver - 30/06/2013 16:34 - United States - New York

Today, what started off as an amazing date with my girlfriend ended with me driving her drunk ass home while she sat in the backseat making out with her new boyfriend. FML
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Because I won't let anyone drive drunk, no matter who it is. And it's cheaper to drive them home as opposed to paying for a taxi.

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You shouldn't let people take you for a free ride like that, OP.

you all are trashing on OP because he drove them home instead of letting them drive. I know for a fact most drunk people will not care for a taxi and will attempt to drive home, so if he were to put them in a cab he would have to pay. so saving himself the cash he drove them instead of letting them drive and potentially getting them both killed. OPs a pretty good guy for doing that and his EX obviously didn't deserve him.


You shouldn't let people take you for a free ride like that, OP.

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They would've walked or called a cab

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56- im pretty sure going on a amazing date and having his girlfriend get drunk and find another guy is still an fml.

I'll concede that, but I think it's agreeable that this wouldn't have been half the FML it is ten if he hadn't given her a ride

I personally would've told them to find their own way home and drove off without ever looking back. No way in hell would I ever stand for that.

I would of just left her drunk ass there with her new boyfriend.

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I say good for OP, taking the high road and giving two drunk people a ride home instead of leaving them to make another stupid decision.

147- no. I meant then. Depending on how you interpret it, either works.

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Yeah, especially how your girlfriend just replaced you with some other guy. You should've made him drive!

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I would have left them to fend for theirselves

really i mean this guy pretty much deserves it he doesnt stand up and be a man

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You deserve way better than that!!

No you don't. If you let somebody use you like that then that means that you absolutely do deserve just that. It's like if I slapped you in the face and you responded with thank you.

I'm sure letting drunks out on the road would've been a GREAT decision, huh? Too bad he had to drive them home like that.

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85 - Just because you let someone bully you definitely does not mean that you deserve it. He was obviously driving home two drinks that couldn't drive himself, and I'd imagine his girlfriend hadn't done anything like that before. Open your eyes.

Talientary 8

Drunks/themselves*..oh how I love autocorrect..

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True story: Richard Nixon used to drive the girl he loved, Pat, on dates with other guys and eventually, he married her. Moral of the story: To get the girl, you have to be a Dick.

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Perdix, it literally took me trying to thumb you up like 8 times before it actually took it. It was a lot of work having to sign in, then clean my touch screen phone etc... but I did it... Because your comment was worth it all. Just thought you should know.

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#90, thank you. I do appreciate your effort. :D

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Man, I was clearly (but maybe not so much) using my dry humor as a segue to just say you comment was funny as shit. Anyways, you're welcome :]

No, because if OP had written 'ex-girlfriend' then the whole focus of the complaint would be that she was drunk and/or making out, and we would have had no idea that the actual FML is that the OP was going out with the girl when the night started.

I think what #4 was trying to say was that OP should've broken up with her then and there.

No, what #4 was trying to do is use the expression that is used every time that an FML describes a situation where people either have been dumped, or should be dumped - saying that a reference to a boy/girl friend should in fact say 'ex' boy/girl friend. Also it's obvious from the fact that the person his girlfriend was making out with is her 'new boyfriend' that OP and the girl broke up that night

Okay, so what I said, but explained more in depth...

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OP could have said NOW-ex girlfriend and avoided this whole argument

Why would you drive your Ex and her new boyfriend?

To find out whose house to egg of course!

why indeed? What a push over, perhaps the reason she left you.

To #69 Maybe it really wasnt the other ops father who egged his house... Maybe it was really this guy lol.

Because I won't let anyone drive drunk, no matter who it is. And it's cheaper to drive them home as opposed to paying for a taxi.

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So instead of having her or her new boyfriend for the night pay for a Taxi, you put yourself in an even worse situation? That is a pretty thin excuse.

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Word of advice OP, grow a pair. If she got drunk and started hooking up with another guy why not let her pay for a taxi? **** driving her drunk ass around town with some random guy. I sure as hell wouldn't let trash like her inside my BMW, she'd be better suited in a puked stained cab.

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awfully sweet of ya meestor driver, but what does it say about them too cheap to pay for cab? idve let

you all are trashing on OP because he drove them home instead of letting them drive. I know for a fact most drunk people will not care for a taxi and will attempt to drive home, so if he were to put them in a cab he would have to pay. so saving himself the cash he drove them instead of letting them drive and potentially getting them both killed. OPs a pretty good guy for doing that and his EX obviously didn't deserve him.

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#94, cheaper in dollars maybe, but infinitely more expensive than your dignity. I can't imagine a New York City cab ride would cost more than my balls are worth. What are your balls worth, OP?

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I just have to know two things 1. How did you maintain your composure. 2. Why in the name of **** didn't you get them a cab personally I'd be way to angry to even look at them without shit blowing up.

I commend you for keeping a drunk driver off the road. You wouldn't want her killing someone who is worth the skin they're in. Do yourself a favor and wash your hands clean of this one. These actions, that make you a wuss in the eyes of so many here, honestly just make you a much better person than she deserves.

Why not inform the authorities of their intent to drive drunk? Phone in their plates and where they're leaving from, then the cops will have an officer waiting to give them a free* ride and a free* night stay in the drunk tank. I'd say he has it coming, for what she did, and what she supposedly planned to do. *Cost may vary wildly

Who says you have to pay for a taxi after she's not your girlfriend anymore?

I didn't HAVE to pay for her to take a taxi, but I knew that if I didn't pay for one she wouldn't take one. So instead of actually wasting money on her, I just took her and her equally drunk knew boyfriend back to her place.

Props to you for that, but I hope she is out of your life now.

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Poor OP. :( No one should ever have to do that. I really respect that you did, though.

To all of you saying that open is a push over or has no balls just shut the hell up. Just because you people don't have morals and probably would have let someone drive drunk doesn't mean open should have has well. Hard to believe doing the right thing is frown upon now.

OP making sure your ex doesn't drive drunk is commendable. Personally I'd have called a cab and put them in it and let them figure out how to pay for it when they get home.

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Dude you're such a loser if someone kisses or even touches my gf there is no way in hell they're getting a ride home from me. Hell I'd encourage them to drive drunk, 1 less inconsiderate pig on the planet.

It's not her i'm overly worried about. It's who she could hit that i'm worried about. If caring for an innocent person makes me a loser, then yes, i'm a loser.

I think what you did OP was very honorable if they had chosen to drive they could of killed Someone and maybe even their selves it would take a very strong person to give their ex a ride home while they make out with their new boyfriend.

and potentially one more crash due to drunken idiots manning a 2 ton automobile.

Hey OP, I used to be in your shoes ... I had fallen in love with a girl and went out with her a lot. She often went home with other guys and eventually told me I'm too nice for her. Took a while for me to realize I had to let go. It's noble you wanted to save her from paying for a taxi ... But that girl is going to take advantage of your affection and not return any of it. Probably best to cut it off and stop speaking to her altogether. Could cause a sudden realization in her and make her consider you ... but I'd be careful ... if she changes her mind this easily she will leave you soon for someone else...

I am with you in possibly saving an innocent persons life. But like someone else stated, I'd of thrown them in a cab then let them figure out how to pay for it, took her keys, or most likely I would have gave her the ride home but no way in hell would I of let the new guy in the car with her. That's a little much for the dignity. I'd of **** blocked and then gave her the boot.

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Don't worry , the app highlights the OP if he commented on his FML

CnIn tandem with 173 It gives it a very faint yet yellow looking background versus the faint blue of the average commenter. .. And in continuation first string comments get a "faint" white background.

IMO it takes more balls to get her home then give into anger. I always kid and call myself a door mat for doing similar things. But to me, my dignity comes from doing what is right in a hard situation and being able to face myself in the morning. Now that you did the hard thing and did that one last nice thing for her, you can hold your head high and move on with your life.

You should've at least dropped them in the middle of some country road (at least two hours drive away from any town) in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. The drive there and back would be a bitch, but it'd be totally worth it and as a bonus, no worries about the idiots killing someone drunk driving.

Dude seriously wtf? I don't care who you are. If they don't wanna take a cab don't make them but if they want a ride from you why the hell would you give them one? Obviously your new EX didn't care that she met a new guy on a date with you so why the hell should you care about giving them a ride? If you are worried about innocent people being killed... don't worry shit happens and we do have these things called cops that patrol around bars to ensure accidents don't happen. YDI for giving them a ride.

You are most admirable and respect to you sir! You deserve better.

If they weren't going to pay for a cab then it was better doing this or paying for one than saying they should pay for a taxi and the pair ignoring OP and drink driving. Drink driving puts them in danger as well as other people on the road. OP did a responsible thing. Don't put him down for it.

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Girls out there are gonna tear up this poor guy. He's a nice guy. This ex giflfren doesn't give a F*** about him why should he.

rokolodo 10

Sir, op you are very honorable person. This FML has awoken so many emotions in me. I can relate in a way. You're the better man. Of course your no loser.

It was hard and shitty but you did it are a good lerson Op.

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Thank God you won't! There could've been an accident if you didn't drive them home and that would've been a whole lot worse :O (even though you probably want the other guy least metaphorically...)

pinguino3669_fml 23

And a taxi ride is never worth as much as someone's life

Make them drive themselves, before they have a chance to get out of the parking lot, call 911 and report a drunk driver.

That's why you take their keys and leave on your own. They can't drive drunk and you aren't the schmuck that is driving this hoe bag around. Sorry, your actions aren't valiant, they're stupid. YDI, your choice created the situation you had to endure. I'd wager that you were a doormat in this relationship and that's what lead to this happening.

You're a loser for how you chose to handle the situation. You could've taken their keys and left, you could have refused to take the guy, you could have chosen dignity and paid for the cab. Instead of standing up for yourself you chose to save a buck, avoid confrontation and lose any shred of dignity you may have had.

You are a doormat. There are several options that get her home safe and leave your dignity intact. When you choose the demeaning, emasculating option you're an idiot and have no chance of not being taken advantage of. There's a difference between being a good person and asking to be used and walked all over.

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The problem with that is, if she refused to pay for it, she could go to jail, which affects your future. One trip to jail can completely **** your life up. If he took her keys, OP could get the cops called on him for theft. OP did the right thing, it doesn't make him a loser.

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I commend your decency and I'm sorry you had to have that experience, OP. That sucks :(

you could have taken her keys and she would of had no other choice to take a taxi. you could have even told the bouncer or bartender.

Good for you, OP. She might not have earned your concern, but for her sake and that of everyone else on the road, I'm glad you cared anyway.

**** that! Dude your girlfriend was cheating on you in the backseat of YOUR car! Make them pay for that taxi or the $10K for a DUI after doing that! It would've been my foot, their ass, out the door onto the pavement! Man you gotta grow a sack and quit letting people walk all over you! Lemme guess she called you the next day wanting to hang out?

and what about the people in the car that the inconsiderate pig hits?

What if he left her their and she (or the new bf) decided to drive and got seriously hurt? It sucks, but he did the right thing.

Wait a second. You are worried about her new guy having to pay for a taxi? What is wrong with you? And it's good try won't let anyone drive drunk, but after what she did, you aren't responsible for her anymore. Have absolutely no excuse for even driving only her pathetic skanky ass home, much less her new boyfriend. Grow a pair dude!

All you people telling op to grow and pair and all that, need to follow your own advice. It may not have been his responsibility but he saved them from driving drunk. He made sure that they got to a safe point so as to not potentially endanger others and that is a very comendable thing. So quit being douches!

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106- yes he could have made them get a taxi; but, OP was a better person by not letting her risk her or someone else's life.

Make them pay for the taxi?????????? Why would you pay for it? Just throw them in and tell the driver where to. Let them deal with the payment by themselves. YDI for being such a pushover.

OP, I originally agreed with everyone saying that you shouldn't have driven your girlfriend and her new infatuation home, but now that I've read through a couple of these comments, I realize that you don't need to "grow a pair". However, I'm not so sure about some of these FMLers... Congrats (and thank you) for being the bigger man, stepping up, and keeping some drunks off the road. If I could give you money/chocolate/hugs, I would.

Because OP would still have feelings for that person and doesn't want them to get hurry driving themselves home? And on the bright side of things, OP could have talked it out with her and everything is fine. Correct me if I'm wrong OP?

OP- You are a good person for caring about others. All too often, it is the drunk driver who survives the crash and the ones who weren't that end up dying. I raise my next glass to you sir.

there are not many people out there that would do what you did. I tip my imaginary hat to you. :) best of luck

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You sir, are a very good person i could not stand to be in the same car with a homerecker like that.

That's really unselfish of you op, but either way you shouldn't have had to go through that.

OP,I think you are an awesome person! That takes balls to stay calm while driving your ex and her boyfriend home. You also could've saved someone's life by doing it! So good job OP!

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you should have made them pay for the cab

elmateo_fml 9

to do what is right despite such awful circumstances makes you the better man.

that sucks...but make the bitch take a cab

Why in the name of all that is holy would you agree to drive around a woman who left you during a date for someone else?

ApollosMyth 22

I assume because she had no other ride home and he wasn't going to leave someone he cared about out at night. I wouldn't atleast. I'd rather feel bad knowing she's safe with a different guy then feel bad AND have to wonder if she is safe.

1. Her and her boyfriend were drunk so they wouldn't be coherent enough to pay, which means OP would've had too pay. 2. Most people would be too drunk to think of getting a cab, and would attempt to drive.

Well let them attempt it and get arrested. Not like they wouldn't deserve it

I think the concern isn't them getting arrested, 272, it's them getting seriously injured, or dying, or killing someone else in the case of a bad wreck.

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