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  MushyLuvsU  |  0

School's are totally messed up. You have to go to school for 6 hours every day, they give you crazy ammounts of homework that you stay up late to finish and expect you to have a life, do things you actually LIKE to do ( like dance class) sleep for 9-10 hours (recommended time for teenagers) and get up at 5 am? It's sick.

  AznsGoesRawr  |  0

That's not really sick. That's pretty much every students' life including exams, jobs, scholarship qualifications to meet, families to take care of, etc. It's not only Asians. And, usually majority of students don't have money or don't eat till they get home from school.

  rebekahah  |  7

lol lemme explain! someone's comment earlier was #8, but it was moderated and removed. :) so I think FML bumped me down or something. I'm not sure. :S I just know I wasn't #8 earlier. :D

  darkmis1  |  17

I can totally see that! Or on one of those stupid little infomercials that sell ridiculous things. "* in peppy voice* Why need all that caffeine when you can wake up with a night stand smack?! Just one hard blow and you're good to go!"
*caution: may cause head trauma, bleeding, or death. In case of your death, you should contact emergency right away. No refunds.

  epyk_pryncess  |  8

but you need the mile long list of side effects like any other commercial. ya know, the ones which make you realize you'd rather deal with your runny nose than anal seepage...