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Today, my dad woke me up for the second time to get me ready for school. Wanting me to prove I was really awake, he made me sit up. As soon as he left my room, I dozed off and faceplanted my nightstand. FML
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how about you man up and wake up on your own?

Well GOOD MORNING! Why drink coffee when you can get smacked in the face with a Night Stand?


Wow that kindof sucks

I keep a small child in a cage and it sings when the sun rises. Highly recommended.

How do you get them to sing?! Mine just whines...

Choir kids. Duuuhh. It's not rocket science, people!

haha a smashing story

I keep a small child in a cage and it sings when the sun rises, a highly recommended form of alarm.

Where can I get one of these children?

Where can I get one of these children?

26 I saw what you did there

these children are available long as noone sees you getting such a child

These children can be lured into the cage with the promise of candy.

Or a lost puppy.

or they can have all the change in your pocket but they have to reach in and get it


I tried but I never could resist, I always used them before morning...

bet that got u up

how about you man up and wake up on your own?

how about you grow up and mind your own business

...mind your own business? On FML?

bahahahahah! exactly! made my evening. thanks :)

Your picture looks like you're being violated.

haha 96! & 106! :D

someone break out the incest by little brother jokes...

hmm, #4's pic is strange... it's like opposite's day!

School's are totally messed up. You have to go to school for 6 hours every day, they give you crazy ammounts of homework that you stay up late to finish and expect you to have a life, do things you actually LIKE to do ( like dance class) sleep for 9-10 hours (recommended time for teenagers) and get up at 5 am? It's sick.

That's not really sick. That's pretty much every students' life including exams, jobs, scholarship qualifications to meet, families to take care of, etc. It's not only Asians. And, usually majority of students don't have money or don't eat till they get home from school.

Yeah, us north american teens really have it rough

YDI, learn to wake up lol. but i dont blame u. i do tha same thang

You can't insult him and agree with him at the same time...

yes you can. it's the Internet.

that will wake ya up in the morning dx my mom throws water at me if I'm not awake when she comes in for the second time.. sucks..

ydi for being from kansas

127 win come on you know you guys have done it before too :P

on the bright side: I'm sure that woke you up :P

well wake up, OP!

8- hmm... maybe I'll try that. ;)

Something about this website makes people talk to themselves.

lol lemme explain! someone's comment earlier was #8, but it was moderated and removed. :) so I think FML bumped me down or something. I'm not sure. :S I just know I wasn't #8 earlier. :D

@20: You suck. Get a life and stop abusing ellipses.

Hooray for crazy people!! (^_^)/

Hooray indeed, side note does anyone else see that biscuit floating next to superman.

103 yeah I see it. I wanna pick it up, but I think that's his lunch.

Well GOOD MORNING! Why drink coffee when you can get smacked in the face with a Night Stand?

lol that would be a good commercial for a furniture store

LOL I agree. That is hilarious.

I can totally see that! Or on one of those stupid little infomercials that sell ridiculous things. "* in peppy voice* Why need all that caffeine when you can wake up with a night stand smack?! Just one hard blow and you're good to go!" *caution: may cause head trauma, bleeding, or death. In case of your death, you should contact emergency right away. No refunds.

111 that's exactly what I thought except you for this *In peppy voice* not responsible for accidental death.

Lmao, that actually made me laugh. That was a good one :)

but you need the mile long list of side effects like any other commercial. ya know, the ones which make you realize you'd rather deal with your runny nose than anal seepage...

130 we both forgot that thank you for enlightening me

Sucks for you, but hey I bet you're awake now, right?

bet that woke you up!

very nice! u should do him now that would solve everything

thats a strange porno :o dad fucks son