By jaym42013 - 22/07/2016 19:29 - United States - Clovis

Today, I was fired for being late to work, even though the only reason I was late was because I had to stop at Starbucks to get my boss a drink. His son, who is at least 30 minutes late to work every day, was just walking in as I was walking out with all of my stuff. FML
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Talk to the HR committee! They will help you. Or at least tell us that you threw the coffee in his face!

I feel like this is one of those FMLs where we didn't get the whole story.


Talk to the HR committee! They will help you. Or at least tell us that you threw the coffee in his face!

No, no, not in his face. Assuming the coffee was hot, that could lead to serious burns, which would make it very hard for OP to get out of this. However in this case, I do feel like spilled coffee on the boss' desk would look good.

As satisfying as it would he to throw coffee in his face, it wouldn't be a good idea if he needs a reference for his next job, or for legal ressons such as not getting sued

After he fired should've told him about his son politely and then ask him “is that the message you wanna send to all the employees", that there's nepotism here, “how do you think that's gonna affect the productivity in the company ?"

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Unfortunately, the usual reaction to being told you're guilty of nepotism isn't shock, it's something along the lines of 'What the hell are you implying, that's my son/daughter/nephew's old roommate you're talking about and they're doing a great job!' Also, OP might still need the boss as a reference.

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nawww **** words bro, throw that fresh hot coffee right in his face

I feel like this is one of those FMLs where we didn't get the whole story.

I would have gotten the coffee after I had clocked in. And you aren't his servant. He can get his own coffee. Way to abuse his status as your superior.

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That's exactly what I do. There was only one time I went to the store for my boss before I got to work, and it was due to traffic. He clocked me in before I got there.

Soooo what I'm getting out of this is the "I pay no attention to my son fire someone who had a reason for their tardy I'm a total bitch" cliche?

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If it's that specific it's not exactly a cliche...

Ya know I always feel like there's more to the story on these FMLs....

I've been there OP. At a shop I used to work at we'd often need to go pick up our boss' son from the bar, drag him into work late, get some coffee into him, and prop him up at the front desk. (He was well under the legal drinking age to boot with several DUI's received while the clock.) But if anyone else was late or pulled the kind of crap he did we were out of a job in the blink of an eye.

We need the whole story not just half of it

How is this half a story? His boss had OP get Starbucks for him (the boss) which caused OP to be late and the boss fired OP for it. While leaving the building he saw the boss's asshat of a son strolling into work late like always. What more is there to know?

What we need to know: 1. How is the relationship with the boss prior to being fired for being late presumably once? 2. Why would the boss not accept her reason for being late if he really did ask him/her to stop for coffee? 3. What was said when the boss brought up the issue, i.e how did he/she respond to the reprimand? 4. Does the son of the boss have the same title as the person being fired? (Do they even know the correct time the son should be there?) Anybody who is rational that goes only by what information was given would say that there is missing details and missing information that is being withheld by OP. The fact that he/she decided to omit specific information really devastates the credibility of the original post. That's what we need to know.

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Dude chill out its just a FML not a damn essay.

If you all want that much specifics that's fine. I just take all the FMLs at face value and fill in the details myself. The times that I see follow-ups my version is usually more entertaining. As far as credibility I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be believed. There are some really terrible people out there in the world and when they do horrible crap to the OPs of FML I'm never surprised.

Cmon man. If you're asking someone what more they need to know as some sort of awkward rhetorical question don't throw your balls away when someone provides a rational answer. I personally believe that the FML posts that are obviously stretched and exaggerated make the real scenarios that happen to people that should be comedic way less funny. Now people expect something that's unrealistic for a typical FML and in my opinion it's not as entertaining to read about a fantastical story as it is about a relatable experience.

I hope you spit in his drink, threw it at his face, or never gave it to him and then left. lol

So your three choices are two felonies and one rational idea? I'm voting for door number three as it's the one that doesn't involve jail time or massive fines.