By Gigi - 05/09/2012 04:29 - United States

Today, my crush asked to use my phone so he could Google something. Flattered that he wanted to use my phone, I agreed. After he was done, he handed it back with a weird look. I later realized he had found himself in my top searches. FML
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One of both I'm afraid! ALWAYS CLEAR YOUR HISTORY!!!! Your life sucks, but suit yourself...

This is why clear history was invented. That and porn.


One of both I'm afraid! ALWAYS CLEAR YOUR HISTORY!!!! Your life sucks, but suit yourself...

Next time leave a bunch of shit on there he never wished he saw

23 something tells me there won't be a next time.

Why would you google a person?! That's what the search bar on FB is for.... *facepalm*

I think someone should just tell someone that they like them to avoid awkward situations. Actually, this situation may be odd either way.

Too bad dear, how could you know that he would want to use your phone? FYL

Congratulations FMLs oldest user. :)

Love your shades

I want to caption that picture "Ladies, contain yourselves."

Not the oldest

this reminds me... I'll be right back... Must delete history just in case. :D

This is why clear history was invented. That and porn.

Mostly porn tho lol

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21, cause only guys could watch porn, right?

41. I think women tend to be less open to admit it to strangers though. This is based on science. I make a habit of asking random people throughout the day. I also learned that women can run pretty fast in heels if they feel the need to.

Haha your name suits your comment pusslicker

No women do too! Ur just a sexist bastard. I clear my history every time I use the Internet and cough cough porn

Take the opportunity to ask him out.

I don't think that's a good idea since the crush gave OP a weird look. The crush might feel extra weird and run away, making things extra awkward between them.

That would be some superb timing right there... NOT! Seriously, that would just make op look like that crazy girlfriend meme...

That's what you get for being a Creepy McCreeperson!

Thank you princess consuela banana hammock

If only my account name was Crap Bag.

"you know a banana hammock is a speedo right???"

First rule of being a stalker hasn't gotten caught.

Op's top searches: Crush's full name. Porn Porn Sex toys Porn.

That moment when there are 69 thumbs up with this comment.. Atleast now at the moment there is.

turn on private browsing (assuming you have an iPhone, idk if other phones have it). as someone who googles weird stuff, I can relate.

How do you turn on private browsing?

Go into settings, hit safari and the option is under privacy.

More importantly what did he search?

There's a setting somewhere that deletes your search history when you exit to browser... I would suggest learning from this experience. And don't give up, maybe he's into kinky web searches...